Comic about hating Journey (the band)

This is probably a long shot, but in the early to mid 90s (I think) I read a one-page or half-page comic strip called something like “I Hate Journey” or “Why I Hate Journey”. The author (I think it was a young woman) explained that she always hated the band Journey because of their bland music with silly lyrics (or something like that). Then her friend offers her a free ticket to a Journey concert and she agrees to go for some reason (to make fun of it? out of obligation? I forget). Then, at the concert, she realises that she is unconsciously singing along with the music and she hates herself for it. I specifically remember that she sings “Wheel in the Sky”, and every time I hear that song, I think of that comic.

Is this ringing a bell with anyone? Who wrote it? I’m pretty sure I read it in a compilation of different comic strips, like an issue of Comic Relief. For some reason, I think there was also a Too Much Coffee Man strip in the same compilation, so maybe it was an issue of “Too Much Coffee Man”? I’m not sure.

I’ll give this one bump before letting this drop for another 20 years. I’m now 52% sure that it was in an issue of “Too Much Coffee Man” that I flipped through in a store, which I had never done before or since.

Wheel in the sky keep on turnin’
Don’t know where I’ll be tomo-orrow

Is this it?

ETA: It is by the same guy who does “Too Much Coffee Man,” Shannon Wheeler. (Which does sound like a woman’s name.)

Bingo! That was it, although I forgot the part where he likes Journey because of all of his fond memories of hating Journey. You’ll notice there’s a picture of a young woman singing “Wheel in the Sky” which is what confused me about the author (I suspect).

Edit: I read it way before 2015, though. Probably early 2000s (not mid-1990s as I speculated above).