Comic book phraseology in the MSM

The talking heads have always used “superpowers” and “kryptonite”. Lately I’ve heard “origin story” and “spidey-sense” come up. Spidey-sense, a kind of precognition that spiders possess ( :roll_eyes:), is odd because I’m almost certain the people I’ve seen use it have never opened a Spider-man comic, and the term (afaik) wasn’t spoken that much in the movies.

“My spidey-sense is tingling” was a very common phrase in the 1960s cartoon version of Spider-Man.

That has to be where they picked it up.

Not so–it uses “spider”, not “spidey”.

What possible clue could there be that someone has never read a Sider-Man comic book?

Personally, I prefer Ciderman.

My Richie-sense tells me.