Comic Book-Style Logo Generator - Where to find one?

OK, say I wanted to make a logo using a Superman-style logo:

But say I also wanted to use my own word like “Mayonnaise” or “Fahrvergnuegen”

Does anyone know of a website that could generate logos like that for me? I’ve googled and googled, but no luck so far.

Not a website, but many graphics tools can do something like that. If they can ‘extrude’ letter shapes, you can get close. But oftentimes it’s easier just to draw it by hand, and then scan or trace it in to the computer.

Even the wordart tools in ms word can do the basics of what you want. Coloring different aspects of the extensions will probably get into more advanced software.

Wow. I had no idea the FontWork section of OpenOffice was so powerful. Neat.


Yeah, WordArt was what I was thinking of. But for that kind of thing, I tend to use Illustrator.

:: now playing around with Fontwork ::