Comic strips you've drawn

You can interpret that title however you want.
Anyway back when I was 13 and much inspired by Gary Larson I started a comic strip for the amusement of myself, some friends and family members. The basic concept was that dinosaurs have continued to exist but have been in hiding. They get their food by tricking stupid people into being their food. It was a single panel strip called, naturally, “How Dinosaurs Get Their Food.” I drew nearly sixty of those things but can’t recall whan any of them were. Ah well.

I did that for my family too. When my dad had heart surgery he was in the hospital for a while. I drew him cartoons, funny “get well” cards, and so forth. For a while there I also used to make personalized calendars, where I drew family-specific cartoons for each month. It was fun.

I’m sure some of these cartoons are with my dad’s stuff somewhere.

When I was in 7th grade I drew a whole book of single-panel strips called “The Near Side.” Some of them were really funny, and most of them were incredibly lame, but they were all marred by my complete lack of drawing ability. I wonder if drawing is a skill that can be acquired, because being a comic strip cartoonist would be one of my dream careers (the others being writer, movie reviewer, or network administrator). My mom later informed me that if I actually attempted to publish those cartoons under the name “The Near Side,” Gary Larson would likely sue me into oblivion. So I renamed it “Off the Wall.” But alas, the book has long since disappeared. :frowning:

A few months ago I discovered a deep and abiding love for a few new comic strips all at once (Pooch Cafe, Sherman’s Lagoon, Zits, and Baby Blues) and it rekindled my old dream of drawing my own strip. I capitalized on my complete lack of drawing ability by calling it “The Three Amoebas” and having it revolve around, appropriately, a trio of amoebas. That way, I only had to draw amorphous blobs with circles in the middle (you know, for the nucleus!) although I gave each one a distinctive shape so people could tell them apart.

I only drew a few strips and haven’t done any more since. Unfortunately the paper copies have disappeared into the mess of my desk, but I have a copy of the first three of them here if anybody wants to see what I mean by “complete lack of drawing ability.” And if anybody cares, I could try and find the two or three other strips I drew and post them there as well. If not, well, thanks for crushing my dream and scarring me permanently – the least you could do is point me toward some movie reviewing and network admin jobs. <sound of gentle sobbing>

Back in 1976, my younger brother and I collaborated on a single-panel we called “Hannibal.” Neither one of us knew how a Carthagininan would be dressed, so he probably looked more like Nebuchadnezzar. Think an Elbonian from Dilbert, but wearing a crown. Anyway, there would always be an elephant entering the pic from the side, and a mouse wandering around somewhere. Hannibal put in appearances anywhere we could think of (one memorable panel had a barber in Pompei panicking over Vesuvius, while Hannibal demanded a haircut).

Well your squares were pretty good. :wink:
Almost as good as mine were.

My high-school newspaper comic strip

I created a very simple webcomic intended to be the prototype of an episodic fantasy story I’ve created. It involved a mysterious council discussing amongst themselves whether or not to give a 1st century AD Palestinian boy (who incedentially was a childhood friend of Jesus) the task of saving the world from a mysterious evil. There was also a second comic, taking place in the modern day, where the boy, who became immortal, met some evangelizing Christians and couldn’t believe “that ol’ Joshua ben-Joseph” got a religion made about him.

I abandoned the idea after I realized that I have no idea how to write or draw a webcomic. The story itself probably needs work too.

For those who haven’t seen it, the ill-fated PigeonMan.

It’s probably an idea that has lost its moment.

A few years ago, I created a sprite based comic. It was based on Mario RPG. Here are the links to the 14 files:

Most of the responses I’ve gotten were quite positive, but then again, they were either from my peers or huge fans of the original game (which, I suppose ,was who they werr aimed at anyways)

I should also mention the humor isn’t kid-safe. Instead, its reflective of an immature, teenage boy :smiley:

Here’s a strip I’m working on…

I’d just like to point out that this made me choke on my root beer. Completely hilarious.

Ah yes, the comics of yesteryear…

After first-year university I had a whole series called Blip the Alien. Then I went to electronics school and created Toasterman, who defended Sheridan College against the evil depredations of Eyeball and his gang. There were also the velosheep (who had wheels instead of legs), the product of a rogue genetic engineer. I also did one page about The Electronicist. (I thought I had a scan of this, but I can’t find it…)

Later, I came up with ScaffoldWorld. This is not a new project, but I’m still learning how to write stories and design worlds, and it is continuing to change. It’s becoming much more organic, for instance.

Assorted other drawings I’ve done.

<mom>"Twenty years and what have you to show for yorself…! </mom>

Back a couple of years ago when I was unemployed, I was doing attackshipsonfire as an e-mail out web comic type thing. These are some of them, but not all. I think I got up to 125 before I found gainful employment.

There is swearing involved.

Omigod, I hadn’t thought of this in years. When I was a kid, I did several strips and comic books of a heroine named Super Broad, a slutty dumb blonde who kept trying to solve crimes but was always outwitted by the villains.

Plus, everyone knew her secret identity but were too polite to let on.

I did one for my elder son when he was in year 4 or 5. He asked for a banana to eat and after I had peeled it decided he didn’t want it, so I started crapping on that he couldn’t eat anything else until he ate the banana. I put it in the fridge in a container and before each meal use to pull the banana out and harangue him, “Eat it. Eat it. Or no dinner for you.” When he started to look like he was getting sick from laughing his mother made me return the banana to the fridge. After a few days of this I drew the crappy cartoon - he sits before the progressively grottier banana, crying as a cruel figure whips him. In the last frames he unwraps his Christmas present to find it is the banana.

He took the cartoon to school and showed it to his class. Several of his friends still remember it.

Funnily enough as the perfect ending to the story, months later when cleaning out the fridge I found the long forgotten banana stored in a Chinese takeaway container, looking more like a dog turd. So I served it up for him at dinner time.

Oh, God.

Quite a few years back my friends and I were playing Torg, the role-playing game. As a game thet actually encourages communication with other role-playing groups, our Game Master decided to do a newsletter. And I did the strip.

It was kinda like “The Order of the Stick” in concept. Only about Torg. And not nearly as good.

Still, a couple of the strips were pretty good and I still like some of the ideas I had. Didn’t last though.

I planned on making more, but then I started slacking off and never got around to it. That’s kind of a theme with me unfortunately. :smiley:

It did, however, inspire a Make Your Own Comic game that we play on occasion where people use the basic characters and add their own dialogue to make a story. Kinda like “The Bench” that Penny-Arcade ran a while ago (can’t find a link to that any more). It’s a good way to kill time at work (of course, most things that don’t count as work are good ways to kill time at work). This one was one of my favorites. :slight_smile:

FTR the penguin is kind of a mascot for my website. When I got my drawing tablet for Christmas last year I got inspired and did this and this, which I also left unfinished. I’ll get around to it someday. :smiley:

I’ve done a few over the years, mostly lame/inside joke type stuff to make my friends laugh. It’s more fun trying to draw them than to write them. :stuck_out_tongue:

As a pre-teen stranded in a hotel for several days while waiting to move into our new home, I dabbled with a comic strip to pass the time. I started with puns - nightfall with a :thud: and the :crack: of dawn - to a full-fledged strip from a unique perspective. I’ve never been particularly good at drawing faces so I made my strip as seen by the family pet. That way, I only had to draw legs.