Comics about Babies

A friend is having a baby shower. As a gag I want to get some comic books from the 1950 about talking babies. There was a boy and a girl who babbled (but their babble was turned into dialog in the speech bubble.

Can’t remember the name.

I thought they were Harvey books, but no luck. Maybe ARchie? I don’t think it was Marvel or DC.

Anyone old enough to remember these?

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Sugar and Spike, by DC?

1956 to 1971 (or maybe 1991)

Baby Huey was a harvey character

Sugar and Spike it is!


Sugar and Spike could talk to one adult: their grandfater, who was in his second childhood.

Sugar and Spike were recently revived as adult private investigators in DC’s *Legends of Tomorrow *anthology miniseries (obviously named after the TV series but tangentially related to it at best). The series will be released soon as a trade paperback. It wasn’t bad, though, of course, it wasn’t the lighthearted delight that the old series was, but it was fun just the same.

It’s a bit pricey at $60, but this hardcover volume reprints the first ten issues of the original Sugar and Spike.

Specifcally, Sugar’s great-great-great Grandpa Plumm. Sugar Plumm and Spike Wilson were neighbors, but they weren’t related.