Comics trivia

Dopers, I hope you can help me out.

There are two comics I’m trying to track down. The first should be pretty easy, the second…well…

  1. Internet cartoon. Main character is a short, spiky-haired kid with shades, with a hipster girlfriend who does poetry (had a work titled ‘Mack My Muffin, Meat Rod’, iirc). Also had a bit concerning God fighting Satan with a hand puppet.

  2. An older Sunday Funnies strip, main character wore a fez, and always was into money-making schemes. Once tried to invent a beer bottle that was made from pretzel dough. Amos something, maybe? I remember the strip from the early-mid 70’s, around the same time as ‘Steve Roper and Mike Nomad’.

I appreciate it.


Was #2 Major Hoople in something like Our Boardinghouse?

By George, I think that’s it. I found #1, too…it’s:


If the first one’s not Sinfest, then someone’s ripping someone else off horribly. I love that strip.

The second one isn’t ringing any bells at ALL.

mipsman got it right – Major Hoople in Our Boarding House