Comin 'Round the Mountain, He Will Take a Frozen Shower (??)


We were trying to figure out what added verse the kids could be singing during “Comin’ Round the Mountain”. The particular version is in John Lithgow’s “My Brother’s Keeper” MfTV movie from 1995.

In the beginning, a school bus returns from a DC trip with the kids singing the verse “We will all wear red pajamas when she comes / Scratch! Scratch!” and then next verse continues with what sounds like…

“He will get a (something) shower when he comes / Woo! Woo! / He will take a (something) shower when she comes / Woo! Woo!”.

Does ANYONE remember a version of the song with something like that as a new verse? Maybe from summer camp?

Driving us NUTS! Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Golden shower?

Probably not, but it would fit. :smiley: Fifth graders with no Net didn’t know what golden showers were back then.

A selection of alternatives


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Those are all about having sex, right?

I think you’ll find that the last half of the verses relates to malfunctioning automobiles.