Coming soon: a 'Facebook' for fetuses

Toronto Star article

Why am I reminded of that Steven Wright routine:

“Diary of a newborn:
Day 1. Still tired from the move.
Day 2: Why is everybody talking to me like I’m an idiot?..”

I… don’t see the disturbing part, to be honest. I can find a dozen sites where mothers share pictures and stories about their babies–this is just one more. Heck, don’t we have threads about ‘baby pics’ on the SDMB?

The ‘Facebook for fetuses’ title is misleading–it’s not the fetuses doing the blogging, it’s the moms. Just like some moms have always done.

I’m setting the line at 1 million members for the Fetuses for Obama group.

I wouldn’t say this is disturbing, Kythereia. It’s amusing and a bit silly. I can forgive parents and parents-to-be for some of their excesses, but when my friends start having kids, I definitely reserve the right to laugh at them if they start blogging about their kid’s first bowel movement and the poetry they write about that first piece of green crap and so on.