Coming to Ireland

I plan a 14 day vacation in Ireland (August).
What is recommended to visit ?
I am advanced photographer, and do almost exclusevely black and white photography.

Thanks ! :cool:

You may want to take a gander here

You did not mention lenses or experience in other countries. I will assume you don’t do this often. (I don’t either.)

Ireland has many ruined castles and monastaries. You should have a wide angle and a normal lens, as you likely already possess. a few places ban tripods. I used a mono pod and no one objected. (They either didn’t care or they thought it was a handle.)

The weather is frequently cloudy. You may prefer some fast film. Possibly you always use 400; I used 160 and had some trouble with light.

Medium format film is hard to find. If you use it, you should take along a lot of it. No problem with 35.

Other than that, it’s hard to have a bad time in Ireland.

Here’s a story: There is only one police organization in Ireland, called the Guarda (I think). When I was there the whole of the country’s police went on strike. Absolutely nothing happened. No crime wave, no traffic problems, nothing.

The only policeman is saw ( I assume a supervisor) asked if we knew of a B&B for a German tourist who was having car trouble.

The whole West Coast. So much of that side of Ireland looks like “stereotypical” ireland: big fields, rolling hills, and sheep everywhere. The further north you go, the more moutains you’ll run into, so if you’re into scenic Ireland that’s the place to do it.

I lived in Galway for two months and found it one of the best places I’ve ever lived in my life. It’s a fairly modern city, but does have an “older” feel to it: much of the city requires walking through narrow alleys made of antiquated buildings. There’s a lot of docks and waterways that gives it such a romantic Irish feel.

I also HIGHLY recommend taking the ferry out to the Aran Islands (about 40 minutes NW of Galway–you can hit the tourist office and buy tickets downtown). I spent a weekend at Inishmore, and again, it’s astonishingly beautiful. The Aran Islands are three islands populated by fishermen who speak only Gaelic. There’s some fabulous ruins to visit, as well as fantastic scenery (again great for photos). It’s also a great vacation: there can’t be more than five cars on Inishmore–everyone rides bikes there. You’ll be lucky to find a television.


the cliffs of moher, the giant’s causeway, dingle penninsula, glens of antrim, sperrins, mournes, donegal, kerry, clare, all of the west .

take the main road from dublin to limerick (N21) then follow the signs to Tralee. voila, you’re in Kerry and if you go a bit further you’ve got the Dingle penninsula and all that good stuff.

for the giant’s causeway take the N1 to Belfast, then the motorway to the north, at Coleraine, follow the signs to the causeway. big, hexagonal blocks of stone stuck into the sea. magic.

Wow, where to start?

There is so much to see and do. If you are into landscape photography basically you can go anywhere and have something nice to look at.

What are you looking for? A little more information and I can recommend somewhere for you to go, or at least put your nose in the right direction.

jlseek, The Gardai Siochana ( Guardians of the Peace) took industrial action in what was referred to as “the Blue Flu”. I think we are possibly the only country that could get away with that ;

And if you’re in Dublin give us a shout/start a thread and some of us will meet up for a few cold ones :slight_smile:

Great !

The basic idea is flying in at Shannon, moving
direction Dublin.

Great !

Well, I am looking for scenery, moody landscapes, landmarks, people. Travelling from Shannon to Dublin (unless advised otherwise).

Great pointers to start with… thx.

Another great tip…

I 'll use a 20mm WA and a 28-70mm zoom. My standard film is Delta 100. The tripod tip is very good.

Thanks, I’ll look into that. You all deserve a pint, so lets meet in Dublin !

Cheers Z.