Commander McBragg

For those who went “huh?”, The World of Commander McBragg was a series of cartoon shorts done by the same outfit as Rocky & Bullwinkle, Underdog, and Dudley Dooright. He’s one of my favorite cartoon characters, even though half his stories are retreads of Baron Munchausen(sp?) tales. Anyone else out there who remembers this British bullshitter?


Commander McBragg was a short included in the “Tennessee Tuxedo” Cartoon show.

One of my faves.

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I remember him, but I have to offer a small correction. Rocky, Bullwinkle, were done by Jay Ward. Commander McBragg was a feature on the Tennessee Tuxedo show which was done by Leonardo Studios.

Saint Eutychus

Oh, definitely!

Rocky & Bullwinkle, Tennessee Tuxedo & Chumley, Underdog, Commander McBragg as well as Peabody & Sherman all looked very similar. Must have had the same producer.

If I knew for sure that I could find those cartoons on TV, I’d get cable again (or satellite).

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Cartoon Network occasionally shows “Underdog”, which is where you’d find Commander McBragg, Tennesse Tuxedo, and the Go-Go Gophers.

big fan of mcbragg.

What is the name of that family of hillbilly bears that appeared with possible possum?

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I remember Fearless Fly and Milton the Monster…and Muggy Doo, Boy Fox. (He seemed to like all things Chinese.)

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Weren’t those hillbilly bears called Hillbilly Bears? It’s a dim memory now as we don’t have the Cartoon network in Canada.