"Commander Salamander," anyone?

It’s a store in the Georgeown area of DC.

I was there in late '88, and they had all sorts of interesting clothing. Their motif was the salamander, which appeared on most of the stuff they had for sale–and being the touristy type that I am, I picked up a few shirts, etc.

Well, it’s 10 years later, and I’m in DC again–this time to see the van Gogh exhibit. Time has taken a toll (shrinkage and stainage) on my little souvenirs, so while I’m in Georgetown, I drop by the little store to get some more tourist junk.

My, how things change.

The store was there, and the name was the same, but that’s all. Now it was a sex toy/novelty shop. I did not remember it being that way 10 years earlier. So, I browsed around for a few minutes, but opted not to get anything–this time, anyway :).

About the only thing that I could wear in public was a Ron Jeremy t-shirt–yeah, right.

If you’re in DC, or have been to this store (Wisconsin Ave), has it always been that way?
If not, when did it change?


Hey there, I am in DC. Perhaps we can meet and have lunch sometime during the week. (As long as it is metro accessible.) I am not as scary as some of my posts sound.


PS I am not sure about Commander Salamander.

Maybe next time. I was only there for a long weekend to see the van Gogh exhibit.

You’re right- they used to have “hip” stuff (at least I thought it was hip in high school)- Life’s a Beach clothing with the funky patterns, potato sack shirts, Doc Martens (before they became real popular), etc… I hadn’t gone there in 5+ years until I went 1 year ago. I went in, saw what you described, went back out to see if I read the sign correctly, and walked away.

Geez- I’m getting nostalgic and I’m only 26…