Commando (1985 Schwarzenegger flick) appreciation thread

What can I say. This movie is the epitome of '80s cinematic awesomeness.

Arnold Schwarzenegger delivering killer one-liners: Check

Villain with his own secret island lair and small mercenary army ready to overthrow a central American government: Check

Said bad guy played by a scenery chewing character actor (in this case Dan Hedaya, aka Nick Tortelli): Check

Hero pulling off seemingly impossible stunts like jumping from an airliner, sans parachute, right after it takes off: Check

Cheesy Kenny Loggins knockoff singing theme song at the end: Check

Blowing shit up real good: Oh Hell Yes!!

Yes this movie is over the top and goofy as hell, but it so kicks ass.

You forgot hot babe Rae Dawn Chong. “You guys eat too much red meat!”

I really enjoyed that when it came out; haven’t seen it since forever though.

“Hey look, she’s got something for us!”

< * fwoosh-BOOM!* >

Sorry dude, though I love Commando and Arnold carrying a tree back to his cabin on his shoulder at the beginning nothing can top Predator for the ultimate Arnold/kick-ass/man-flick of the 80’s (possibly ever).

Let off some steam, joebuck!
Seriously, who the hell didn’t want to see a table saw blade get used as a massive shuriken?

I just learned that Bennet was played by Humongous’ goon.

His chainmail getup was f-in awesome.

“MetalWear: Straight from the jousting arena to the s&m club”

Amazing pic, love it. Word of warning to UK residents though - do not buy it on R2 DVD or watch it on TV - get a R1 DVD to see the full thing sans edits.

What was it with Bennet though, it was like being attacked by Freddy Mercury!

You said you’d kill me last - I lied.

What happened to Sully? I let him go.

Did the baddies rent their mansion from the crime syndicate from Beverly Hills Cop or something…

I saw Commando as a 15-16 year old. And it was the first time that I realized that explosions and gunfire do not make everything awesome. This movie was so bad, it actually matured me just a little. When your continuity errors are so obvious that they distract a teenage boy in the middle of a firefight scene, you have problems.

Commando was okay but I prefer “The Running Man.” Has all of those things except the airliner jump.

It was a true story.

I’d love to know where one can find an Army surplus store that stocks claymores and rocket launchers.

I love this silly movie, too. But then I love Arnold flicks in general.

That girl is never going to be able to settle for a man, though. Where is she going to find a man as badass as her father?

“Can you jump out of an airplane and land safely after it’s taken off? No? NEXT!”

Agreed. They don’t even make movies like this anymore. If Predator were made today, they’d shoehorn a love interest in it.

I say this because I haven’t seen the most recent Rambo movie, and I heard that was pretty fucking hella-balls-to-the-wall awesome.

Dude, It’s LA. Don’t all of them?

He is also the head biker that the boys face down in Wierd Science.

Highly recommend you see it. Old school, minimal plot, kill-everything-that-moves guy flick.

On that note, I loved how Commando could have a hot babe like Rae Dawn Chong, and NOT shoehorn in a romantic subplot that most of its core audience wouldn’t care about and that would only serve to detract from the “blowing shit up real good” action. Her and Arnie’s relationship in this movie seems to be strictly platonic.

Kid (Alyssa Milano) who grew up to be a super hot babe. Check.

Awesome scene where Ah-nold puts on all his weapons. Check

Dude, that’s what makes it so fun!