Comment on a moderating decision

Manhattan is a fascist! The SDMB is a Communistic totalitarian dictatorship! Cecil Adams is beaming mind-control rays at me from cell phone towers!

Well, okay, not really.

In this thread astro posted this OP:

Manhattan performed the surgery indicated above, and closed the thread with this reply:

I just want to point out that the SDMB Poster Known As “The Bad Astronomer” has links to his web page in his profile and his sig line. On that web page he pretty openly gives his name (which confirms that he is, in fact, the author of the MSNBC article–and since manhattan left the link to the article intact, I’m not entirely sure what good it did to delete the article author’s name from the post).

I guess I could see three moderatorial issues here:
[li]Just as a matter of principle, public “outing” of SDMB members should not be encouraged.[/li]
[li]General Questions wouldn’t be the place to do it anyway.[/li]
[li]Given the ease with which I came up with this information, astro should have been able to do this by himself, without cluttering up General Questions.[/li][/list=1]
It seems that manhattan was primarily concerned with issue one. It also seems to me that The Bad Astronomer is sort of a public figure (and is not usually shy about letting the world know that he’s managed to strike another blow against astronomical ignorance in Major Media outlets). I could see closing it or moving it as something that’s not really a GQ thread, but it just seemed to me that manhattan’s response was maybe a little over the top with the implication that some terrible breach of privacy had occured.

That is all.

So what is it that you’re asking here? A separate policy for each of the 16,000+ members here, depending on how much information they’ve chosen to distribute? A search to confirm our recollections of how much information that was?

Sorry, we’re a little short of time for that.

I didn’t see this as heavy handed at all. No warning, no chastisment, just closing the thread and reminding folks that each member chooses how much to reveal.

I’m not takin’ the rap on this one.

And I’m a Nazi, dammit! Coldfire is also a Nazi. I think either Beer or Winkelreid is the communist. And the mind-control rays are still in beta.

Ganz richtig, Herr Ueberstormbahnfuehrer Manhattan.

Stormbahn? What’s that? Special highway for frontal systems?

It’s an, errr, what’s the English word? Ya know, a training range, with climbing walls, mudpits with barb wire over’em, pipes to crawl through… that sort of thing.

Oh, and it’s Sturmbahn. That’s what you get for drinking Dutch beer while speaking German on an American message board. Feh.

And I can’t believe I just wasted my 8000th post on that. :smiley:

OK, I’ll stop now.

Think Handy ever had a thought like that?

‘Assault course’ - which shouldn’t be confused with evening courses designed to instruct on how to attack people.

Which remind me; Do you get a discount rate when employing a child psychologist ?

Coldie - Did you go to the Ajax vs. Celtic match ?

Obstacle course or in annoying modern terms “confidence” course.

And it was a perfect 8000th post. It summed up the sturm and drang…the weltshmertz, the drama that is

[ul][list][list] Coldfire[/ul][/list]

Fenris (who’s spelling skills have decreased with the his alchol intake)

My bedroom?

Wow, those Germans have a word for everything…

So, once again the Lone Voice of the Brave Dissenter Crying in the Wilderness and Standing Up for Justice is stifled by the Secret Inner Circle of the SDMB Clique™ of Running Dog Moderator Lackeys brazenly hijacking the thread and sending it off on some tangent.

By the way, it’s Obersturmbannfuehrer. So obviously Coldfire is a Communist, not a Nazi.

Are you sure about the Bad Astronomer thing? I could swear I saw somebody ask our guy if he was the real thing, and he said he was just a fan.

Nope, but ruadh did. I met up with her before the match and had a few beers. 'T was cool.

Celtic beat us fair and square.

Heh. Assault Course, or Obstacle Course? Looks like we’ve got another Anglo War on our hands.

[sub]Hey, Manny? Enough of a hijack for ya, or do you want me to push the envelope a bit more?[/sub]

If you check the e-mail which is publicly listed on the profile for that poster, I think you’ll see that it’s not likely that he’s just a fan.

Good to hear. Cos they’re all going MENTAL OVER HERE. Could you adopt them? Ban them from Scotland or something? Only my downstairs neighbour has had his window put in two nights running, and frankly I need some sleep. Plus the drunk guy who hangs out round the corner may give me less hassle for wearing blue.

ps: is Ruadh as beautiful as she looks on the PeoplePages? I’m only asking from an artistic perspective, obv.

How many times do I have to say it. I prefer the appellation Marxist Urban Guerrilla (or MUG for short.)

Ross, I can confirm that ruadhs charm is as real as it gets - even if she IS wearing a green-and-white shirt with a shamrock on it. :wink:

MEBuckner, sorry for assisting in the hijack, my mind just goes on tangents sometimes. As for opinion on your post, I guess that extremism in defense of privacy/identity is no vice.

[sub]Sorry, they tortured me first.[/sub]

I think ‘we’ confine ‘obstacle courses’ to school stuff (like leaping over things and under other things in the gym) but grown up’s tend to adopt a military disposition to do the same kind of thing so it has to have a grown up name. Might well be different in the New World.
Shame Ajax aren’t the side they were. It’ll come good again. Thank goodness the season’s around the corner !

Not sure what was being hijacked here but apologies anyway.