Comment thread for Lawfare?

The website, Lawfare, has many strong articles+podcasts on law, domestic, and foreign policy by people who know their stuff.

However, they lack anything like a comments system. There’s no good forum, at the moment, to discuss their content.

Would the Powers that Be have any complaint with me starting a GD thread where people could talk about the newest articles?

Go for it. Include a link and observe fair use please. It should be framed in the form of debate, but that can be done fairly easily.

nm. Bone got there first.

I think Sage Rat meant an omnibus thread for on-going discussion of articles there, tho. Like, if I want to talk about “Judicial Attire and how it relates to Justice”, I could post in this thread but when Sage Rat spots a new article about “Scale Economies of Justice”, he would just post in the same Lawfare discussion thread, not start a whole new thread. I might be wrong, but that is how I read his OP.

I think that’s be fine too. Just link to the newest article. Just like when we have omnibus threads on a whole season of a TV show.

If he wants to link it in GD, then there needs to be a debate component. Otherwise IMHO would work.

Aye; I just pointed it out because I’m not sure how there could be an omnibus thread that was a debate.

It could, by starting a new relevant issue with each new article/link. And some themes could stretch across articles as well.

An omnibus comment thread wouldn’t really fit in debate. IMHO is better for that.

But we’ve had debate type series before, where some umbrella of topic creation exists and a thread is opened to debate/discuss/argue each. That’s totally fine.

How about I start it in GD and in the OP I’ll say that people should only bring up a new article if they have a point to debate? E.g.: Everyone’s aware of where the articles are and how to read them. There’s no value in linking over to the other site simply because a new article is up, you need to have some potentially controversial reason to introduce it as a new topic.

If you think there could be enough traffic for a forum I’d give 'em one.

The more the merrier, especially when it comes to traffic.

your humble TubaDiva

I don’t have any affiliation with their site, so unless people find us and start to post, I imagine that it would just be the normal subset of GD/Elections posters. Obviously, we can hope that we become the official unofficial commentary location. :stuck_out_tongue:

The link would be useful in case of the users here want to see what everyone is chatting about. Unless it’s private or something?

I meant that people shouldn’t link gratuitously.