Commercial flights to Outer Banks, NC?

Just a quick question for those who might know: I may have a chance to stay with some other folks at a rented place in the Outer Banks. I had a quick look at flights and it seems like the closest I can get is Raleigh-Durham. Is that correct, or are there commercial flights to the cape itself?

I don’t mind renting a car and driving a couple hours from RDU if that’s the cheapest or least hassle option, but thought I’d check.

A friend of mine flies into Norfolk, VA when he vacations in the OB. He finds it much more convenient than Raleigh. He says there’s no convenient commercial flights.

You could charter a plane. A little pricey, but convenient.

Where in the Outer Banks? It’s over 100 miles as the seagull flies between Nags Head and Sunset Beach, and they’re not the extremes, just good landmarks. For Dare County, Qadgop’s suggestion of Norfolk makes sense – at least better than RDU; I’m 25 miles east of it, and it would take me nearly four hours to get to OBX. Rocky Mount-Wilson, a commuter airport, is slightly closer but still an absurd drive. If it’s in the southern range of the Outer Banks, Wilmington makes more sense; it’s on the coast just south of the effective end of the OBX.

My BIL just did this trip, flew into Norfolk and drove to Hatteras. I suspect that’s the best choice as well.

We’ve done this three times, with kids flying into Norfolk and I drive up from OBX to get 'em. It’s the only way.

Place is in Avon, apparently. Four hours from RDU? Ugh. Looks like Norfolk it is. Thanks for the info, folks.

Avon is where I stay, last 25 years. You gots good taste. :slight_smile:

Norfolk is definitely the closest commercial airport to Avon, but it’s still quite a long drive.

New Bern, NC has a commercial airport (EWN, Delta ASA and USAir Express), just run out US 70 East until it ends, get on the Cedar Island Ferry to Ocracoke Island, drive all 12 or 13 miles of Hwy 12 on that island and take the next ferry to Hatteras. 18 miles from ferry terminal to Avon, 4 hours from New Bern. Two boat rides, nice in good weather, and quite likely a much more relaxing drive than fighting the way through Kitty Hawk and Nags Head traffic.

That’s not a bad idea at all. Lovely drive, nice area.

Note to the OP, if you google map it, the ferrys don’t show up on the route for driving, but they do for walking, I’m not sure why.

Here’s the ferry website. Might want to check the schedule, reservations and such:

It may be a nicer drive, but, at least according to Google Maps, it’s a longer drive than from Norfolk airport. Maybe because the roads aren’t quite as good, plus of course there’s the ferry.

It’s really up to the OP what he prefers.

How did you get Google Maps to map a driving time via the Cedar Island ferry? I was only able to do it by switching it to walking mode, which gives a walking time. I don’t know why the ferry isn’t included, it clearly is a car ferry service. Otherwise it plots it via Manteo and the Virginia Dare bridge, which is obviously no short cut.

However as you point out, it’s a more rural area, so the roads may be narrower and more tractor-filled.

I’d still consider the ferry, just since I could chat with my family while not driving, your (nautical) mileage may vary.

The road between Beaufort and the Cedar Island ferry is a slow, twisty, winding road. Assume you’ll average about 30 mph between Beaufort and the ferry station.

If I could spare the time the ferry option would be nice, but Norfolk looks to be more direct (and a bit cheaper). Thanks again for the suggestions.