Commercial pre-sliced cheeses in a tray

Not cheese slices for sandwiches, but real cheese that is pre-sliced in little plastic trays, about the right size for crackers, for example. I used to buy the “extra sharp” cheddar by Cracker Barrel that way, just because it was handier for snacking, but my store stopped carrying them (or CB stopped selling them, I don’t know which). So I tried another brand, Cabot.

I don’t remember now exactly how the Cracker Barrel cheese was sealed, but I never had a problem with its condition. But the Cabot cheese isn’t vacuum sealed, and I had to throw out about half of the package that I bought because some of the pieces were dried into rubber, and some of them were moldy, and some of them were mushy from extra moisture. I didn’t try to get a refund or anything from the store, but when I went back and looked at the other packages (the packaging is clear) I could see moisture condensation on the inside of the package, and I could also see that some of the slices looked dried out. I pointed this out to the store but they just said “Oh, I’m sure it’s fine” even when I told them about my experience.

So here’s a warning and recommendation: don’t buy Cabot pre-sliced cheese in the plastic tray, but the Cracker Barrel should be OK, if you can put up with their politics and their business practices.

Just FYI, the Cracker Barrel cheese you buy at the grocery store and the restaurant chain you see on major highways aren’t the same thing. One’s a brand of Kraft, and the other is its own thing.

I started buying sandwich size pre-sliced real cheese and quickly learned to tell which packages let in too much air during the sealing process. Perhaps somebody beat you to all the snack cheese that had been properly sealed?