Commercial with the guy fooling kids - who is he?

It started with a pony. Guy offers first little kid a pony and gives her a toy. Offers the 2nd kid a pony and brings out a real one. First kid “you didn’t say it was a real one” :cool:

These commercials get better and better. I like the one where the guy has this kid stacking stuff on the table. The guy puts some of it in his pocket when the kid isn’t looking. :smiley:

In another one the guy treats the first kid like crap and lavishes gifts on the 2nd because he’s a new customer.

These commercials do a great job illustrating the chickenshit business practices we all put up with every day. They aren’t making this stuff up. They’re just using kids to make the point.

Anyone know who the actor is? He’s got a tough job. He has to be an asshole without actually seeming cruel to the kids. I think he nails his performance. :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to find them on youtube.

Egg management fee. I think the kid is collecting Chocolate Easter Eggs.

These are pretty funny, and that one is my favorite. Egg management fee… :smiley:



Ice cream

They’re commercials for Ally Bank.

I -think- it’s Barclay Hope, a Canadian actor, but I’m not sure. Probably most familiar to some here as General Mansfield in ‘Eureka’ on Syfy.

That’s the ones. I just added them to my youtube favorites.

There’s an Ally channel with all of the commercials.

here’s the one with the kind wanting toys

This actor is so good in this one. Love the mini me doll.

This article says the actor is RJ Kelly. I agree he looks a lot like Barclay Hope.

article explains the kids are being fooled. candid camera style to get real reactions. :wink:

There’s a cute behind the scenes video that shows some footage of kids who didn’t get used for the aired commercials.

I love these commercials too; not only funny and entertaining, but, damn, Ally Bank gets it! The actor is attractive, but mostly appeals to me because of his facial and body movements that convey the corporate attitude the commercial is going for. My accounts are with one of the biggies (hint: BOA), but I’m so damn lazy I haven’t looked into switching to any other bank. Don’t know if Ally has banks near me, but I’m going to look into it.

These are absolutely adorable. I would have sworn the kids had a script, because that just seems mean to do to them without forewarning. The behind the scenes video was hilarious, though.

One odd thing. I’ve seen the pony commercial before, but I would swear it wasn’t for Ally Bank, which I hadn’t heard about until now. Do they operate under another name? They apparently used to be GMAC, but that doesn’t sound familiar either.

That is exactly what they want you to think. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re right, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was.

I was seeing them in their other incarnation on CBC Newschannel, practically every morning, even up to last week, I think.

Shit, now this is going to drive me crazy…

They’re online only, so don’t go looking for any branches.

I love the kid’s facial expression in the truck one. It’s pretty much the expression version of “WTF?”

I have also seen and enjoyed the pony commercial, but am almost certain that it was indeed for some other company, as I had never heard of Ally Bank until this thread…

This Doper is not pleased.