Commercials! And national anthem!

That was definitely the classiest opening ceremony I’ve seen. One nitpick: Jeez, the Backstreet Boys couldn’t go for the high notes? But after hearing Ray Charles, one is somewhat immunized.

Love the 7-Up guy. He’s the best spokesperson at the moment. Forgot his name; have to look it up.

Penn and Teller for Pizza Hut ruled!

Mr. Rilch here: They can put a man on the moon, but they can’t make a microphone that works in open air.

Sarah Ferguson: You go, girl!

Mr. Rilch says the guy in the Pepsi commercial (on the subway) was in Repo Man. Dunno.

Budweiser parody of “Wazzzzuupp?!” Omigod! I was so shrieking, and when the two brothers turned up in the last shot, as I’d known they would, I went hyperspace.

And just FTR, I loved, and still do, “Wazzzzuupp?!”

“What are YOU doing?!” Oh, it had to happen! Just think of the entire last year as a setup for that gag!

Oh, I want a vacuum cleaner like that.

I woulda bid on the “B,” the red and gravity.

Why did a Steven Segal movie get a Super Bowl commerical?
Lemme guess. They took the money from the writer part of the budget.

Bob Dole: Good show, sir.

That was Dom DeLouise’s kid in the fat dog Bud Lite commercial.

He’s come a long way since 31 Jump Street or whatever that Holly Robinson vehicle was.

Omigod. I’d heard rumors that the trailer for Swordfish would be on today, but I wasn’t sure. It was. It was almost all John Revolting, but I got to see Hugh Jackman for about one second. Omigod.

Levi’s commercial: Ouch.

Oh, and the Nestle Crunchers commercials. The car alarm/couch (esp. the last shot) and the dolls you can stomp on when people stomp on your heart. Brilliant!

This is a looooot better than last year. People are going for the “ain’t it the truth” impact, not “that’s deep, man”.

Peter DeLuise was in 21 Jump Street. David DeLuise, formerly of the sucky sitcom “Jesse,” was the guy in the commercial.

I have to admit, with apologies to Tristan, that I loved the cat-herding commercial last year, and I loved the running-of-the-squirrels commercial this year. I wonder who eds uses for their advertising?

Pepsi commercial (chess). They keep trying these odd concepts. That one seemed a little less of a flop than recent ones.

Okay, dammit, now I have tears in my eyes over that cingulair commercial with the artist. Where’s my tissue?

“Dog/Alien Wazzup!”

I. Did. Not. See. It. Coming.


Regarding the Anthem:

I work directly south of the stadium- less than two miles away. I was waiting all day for that stealth bomber. As soon as I saw it on tv, I ran outside to see it. Wow!!! It was freaking awesome!!! And flying really low too. It went right over my building… seemed to be suspended from a string.
Keep in mind I live near an International Airport, several small airports and an Airforce base. I see 747s and cessnas all the time. But all I ever see from the AFB is huge stratotankers and maybe an occassional A10 or F16. But none of the cool shit!!! I was so impressed!

I cannot believe I have never been to an airshow. After seeing all the jets yesterday fly over the parade, including the stealth fighter, and now that bomber today- I am definitely going to the air show this year!!!

I wonder how deeply Matrix style camera panning is going to infiltrate pro sports broadcasts now that CBS is abusing the hell out of it in today’s broadcast.