commercials that irk me for some reason

I know this is kind of silly, but recently I’ve realized how commercials where the actors break the 4th wall as if they’re speaking directly to me annoy the living hell out of me. Its probably something I would ot have noticed except that I see the “repower America” commercial with the old farmer guy every ten minutes.(or so it seems…I just know I’ve seen it a lot)

It just irks me, that particular commercial. It makes me think of a conversation I wouldn’t want to have with a stranger because they’ll eventually say something I’ll be offended by. I want to smack the old guy through my TV. I’m not sure why he creates this intense dislike in me.

Then theres the commercial where the couple in their kitchen are talking about some kind of bug spray. Its like this surreal conversation that no one ever has in real life, unless they walk around their homes speaking to phantom visitors.

Well at least those commercials make sense. I never understood the one where the teenager tells his mom he needs more minutes on his phone because he threw the rollover minutes away that she gave him. I don’t know how you actually throw away minutes on your phone, but even if you can why would anyone in their right mind throw away minutes you can actually freakin’ use? I wished the mom would snatch the stupid kids cell phone and monkey stomp it right in front of him. But since she doesn’t she just annoys me with her smarmy speech about how wasteful the dumb kid is.

I’m also getting tired of commercials for various drugs where they tell you to ask your doctor about getting some. Then they proceed to say “side effects may include…”. Why the hell would I want to ask my doctor to prescribe this crap? If I needed it wouldn’t the doctor, you know, prescribe it without my asking him to?

As I said, its kinda silly but those commercials really irk me. I think I may need to get my head examined.

To semi-counter that…one of my favorite commercials every did just that.

It was a car commercial (VW?) and two guys are talking about a new car. And one of em keeps going on and on, when finally his friend says “Dude, it sounds like your in a car commercial”, the response “They never told you?”, then it’s silence as they look around for the camera.

Caught me off guard, I laughed.

The Arby’s commercial with the douche bag on the phone. He gives the girl at the counter his and presumably his wife/gf’s order and tells them “I love you” as he is hanging up the phone. The Arby’s girl is suppose to think that he is talking to her so she says “I love you?” back. Not only is the premise stupid but the shitty fucking actor fucks up his line. For one thing he says “I love you” as, or after, he closes his phone and has it half way to his pocket, and for another he slurs the whole thing into not a single line but a single fucking word: “blah, blah, blah, roastbeefsandwichiloveyou”. Was that really the best take they could get out of him? Fucking fail.

Can’t put my finger on why they’re slightly disturbing, but the ones for a bank where little kids are given toys to play with by some guy – but after they have the toy for a few seconds, the guy pulls the toy away, explaining that those were the terms in the “fine print”.

Especially the one where he asks one little girl if she’d like a pony, and she gets a plastic one; the other girl gets asked the same question, and out trots a REAL horse. The look on the first one’s face, utter incredulity, is so realistic you wonder if the kids knew the script.

And that look also says; “When I grow up, you are so dead.”

I hate that Yoplait commerical where the woman is a bitch and the guy is looking in the fridge for the “food” she says but it’s really a flavour of yogurt.

And now we have the follow up where the woman is still being a bitch and the guy is talkig on the phone about the yogurt.

Like we’re supposed to believe a guy who’s hot like he is, would put up with that bitch and now we are supposed to think, if I had a loveable lug like that, he would eat the Yoplait and lose weight and not even know why? He’d eat it because he likes it and he’d lose weight because it’s good for him.

And ANY Cheerio commerical. It’s as if every woman in the world would say "Gee if I served Cheerios then my kid and my husband would bond together and we’d finally be the caring family I dreamed about when I was 12.

I’ve always been annoyed by commercials for movies that somehow, in 30 seconds, include all of the “good parts” of the movie, whether it be best explosions or funny jokes or whatever. It’s like, why sit through 90 minutes if the best stuff can be contained in 30 seconds?

Also, for some reason, the Hoverround commercials creep me out. I get freaked out when I see large quantities of old people doing synchronized hoverround driving… it just makes my hairs stand on end and I have to change the channel. I missed some quality Prices Is Right action because I had to change the channel off of the scary hoverround driving people.

Oooo I’m gonna have to disagree with you on the first part of what you said. From and advertising point of view the commercial is great. The whole hanging up the phone before saying the “I love you” thing is really bad…but the commercial as a whole is good

I despise the one where the little brat wakes his parents up at 2:30 AM to force-feed them Cheerios so they can get rid of their cholesterol. :rolleyes:

Also questionable is the Kingsford commercial where the wife starts filling the grill with charcoal only to be stopped by her husband, who basically starts belittling her and insinuating that she only knows about cooking that takes place in the kitchen. He then proceeds to light the charcoal, which quickly ignites with the briefest touch of a match. “It’s OK, everyone,” the wife says sarcastically; the voiceover then says something to the effect of “Kingsford: it’s that easy.” What, so easy a woman could do it (remember which person was originally trying to light the grill)?

The disturbing comes from the idea that it’s funny and edgy for a smirking adult to put one over on innocent sproggen.

I think you’ve been duped by another commercial starring a “smart and capable wife” and a “idiotic drooling manchild husband.”

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that commercial is mocking the chauvinism of the dumb husband.

It doesn’t so much irritate as half-amuse and half-tire me that any wacky comedy- especially ones marketed to children- is more likely than not going to have a TV spot depicting a montage of slapstick moments set to classical music (usually the overture from Carmen) during its time in theaters…and sometimes home video.

How about those Pizza Hut ads that always assure you that the actors are “real people on hidden camera?” This is to try to make you believe that they’re catching candid responses to PH’s menu and prices, or to the quality of the meal. Of course they never claim that these guys are real CUSTOMERS on hidden camera. They’re just “real people.” As opposed to what? Robots?

not a product ad but…

the ad with the actress who plays the main character on Saving Grace, talking about herself, and all the things she wants to do or be.

She is a decent actress, but having her try to sound all philosophical and intellectual just falls short IMO.

And in there is a line in there that chaps my hide everytime. “Blah blah blah…and I want to be the most **complicated **daughter…blah blah blah”

So really eh? You want people to never be able to figure out where you are coming from about any particular thing. Sounds “great” to me. And I am sure old dad is thinking “how kind of you my darling”

I love that pony one! There’s one with a bike that’s good too, you can ride this bike, but have to stay in this small square (about 5’ by 3’) or you violate the terms. Good stuff.

As for irksome commericals, that damn one with the bitch that won’t stop coming on my TV in the middle of her clubbing to talk about a few things the FDA wants her to clear up about Yaz.