Commie "Goals List" UL

What’s the story behind the list of “secret communist goals” that shows up on some ultra-conservative sites/sources? It claims to be a “documented” 1960’s era list of communist plans to infiltrate/corrupt the world, but I sense a hoax. The list included goals like “get young Americans interested in sex… promote homosexuality as normal and natural… encourage them to reject religious teachings” and so on. Assuming this is a UL, who came up with it and how long has it been knocking around?

See pages 114 through 116 of the book They Never Said It by Paul f. Boller, Jr. and John George. It’s exposed as a fake there.

Let’s not forget their attempt to corrupt the essence of our natural bodily fluids by floridating our water! :wink:

Seriously, have you ever seen any Cold War era Soviet coinage? On the back of every coin there was an octopus with a hammer and sickle on its head devouring the globe! You didn’t have to be a John Bircher to be paranoid about what the Reds were up to back then.

You know, I’d always thought that the USSR’s conquest motives were exagerated in the States. UM’s post had me having second thoughts. I found this web page with pictures of 25 soviet coins. Granted, it’s difficult to make out details on these pictures, still I couldn’t find one with what UM described. Here’s one of the better images:

UM, is that symbol above the CCCP what you are describing? It seems the most frequently reoccurring image. If not, have you seen one of those coins first hand? Just curious.

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I saw (or at least I think I saw) the octopus coin in a Russian Language class back in 1984. Your pic looks very familiar. I believe the circle around the hammer and sickle is a globe. I seem to recall the octopus seated ominously atop the globe.

Keep in mind that I was a 21 year old college student at the time and often saw things that weren’t really there. I could be merging the memory with that of an octopus themed propaganda poster.

God, this backpedalling is exhausting!