Commie TV and TIPS

So I installed the stuff to make Ku band work on the CP Satellite receiver, and without professional help, about all I can get is CCTV, programs sent form China by Godless Communists. Well, there was a wrestling feed, but that ain’t constant to help adjust the damn thing.
So, will the Cable Guy, angered that I am using a 10’ satellite antenna instead of is fellatious coax turn me in to TIPS?

Gad, I guess I’m lucky it ain’t ARABSAT that comes in well.

You must have totally gotten lucky in guessing the satellite’s location at random if you’re getting Chinese TV. You wanna buy my next lottery ticket for me?

The receiver guesstimates the Ku sats from the C band ones I already have. CCTV has the strongest constant Ku signal apparently.

There is some strange stuff, like a song and dance act with really nice looking women in slit yellow embroidered dresses and these greasly looking guys in white Elvis suits with glasses that look like they can get cable.
And everyone singing in Mandarin, probably about Capitalist Running Dogs and Breakaway Provinces.
Wine and sneaker adds, a Chinese cooking show without food and an advertisement for something in a little packet that I couldn’t identify.