Commonly(and frustratingly) misunderstood plot points(spoilers, I guess)

This came up in the Jack Sparrow thread.

What plot points do you find are frequently misunderstood in movies/TV/books? Like, the ones where you find yourself explaining what really happened and people…think you have a radical interpretation of the plot when you are really just, you know, paying attention.

Not looking for things open to interpretation. Only
Here are the ones we have so far:

Jack Sparrow was not cursed at the beginning of the movie, but got cursed later when they took gold out of the chest again.

Indiana Jones did not become immortal when he drank from the cup. He could have lived forever, but would have had to stay in the temple drinking forever, like the knight did.
The things at the end of A.I. were future robots, not aliens. I had an interview with Kathleen Kennedy where she discussed how blown away they were people didn’t get this. Her exact words were along the line of “It’s robots. We didn’t expect anyone to misunderstand this.”

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Dottie did not drop the ball on purpose (D&R)

They were aliens. I can’t imagine how anyone could misunderstand this.

If you read the early reviews of 2001, a lot of critics were totally clueless. For instance, they thought Bowman dived into Jupiter. I don’t know what they thought all those stars were. There are many other examples.

Isn’t that open to interpretation? I have not seen the movie in forever.

You are joking, right?

When I first saw the film I was not sure either way, it wasn’t just their appearance but the appearance of the earth as well. As far as we the audience can see everything is ruined and covered in ice, it looks very post apocalyptic and far future.

The only hint of any activity is the archeological dig the “aliens” are engaged in, which you know might happen if aliens discovered a planet that once harbored intelligent life. In fact David would the most amazing discovery any archeologist could make, he is a machine witness with digital recordings on his hard drive of the very society they are studying!

Nope. I’ll maintain it till my dying day. Of course, I’ll never see the movie again to doublecheck it one way or the other so I really can’t care if I’m right or wrong.

I had no idea anybody interpreted them as aliens. It seemed so obvious they were other robots. Ive only read the really early Asimov robots novels but presumably this is all answered in the books.

I’ve met a number of people who didn’t have the first clue what was happening in Inception.

I guess if you’re just settling down with your popcorn and getting comfy, and aren’t really paying attention to the conceits that are set up in the first five to ten minutes, you would be pretty much screwed for the rest of the move.

I know, but this thread proves that some people do see it that way, despite the fact that it isn’t supposed to be “open to interpretation”. It’s probably the most common misunderstanding I’ve seen.

Many people seem to think that the finale of Roseanne was saying just the crazy final season was a novel written by the character Roseanne but she is pretty clear that the entire series was the novel. She says that in “reality” her daughters married the opposite husbands and her sister was a lesbian.

What film is that from?

May I suggest any further contributions actually mention the film, in case we want to avoid spoilers, or just want to know what and who you’re talking about.

I agree(and I did not post that originally). It’s from Saving Private Ryan.

Yes, please state your movie/TV/Book.

Blade Runner

Misunderstanding(maybe!): The exact nature of the replicants, many viewers believe them to be machines in the classic sense. The film is very vague on this probably by design. I have seen people say who cares about the replicants, even if they are sentient they are malfunctioning robots so kill em all!

But we get hints they are biological, maybe even genetically altered humans. The film makes a lot more sense this way and has no easy answers.

In* The Flight of the Phoenix*, Heinrich Dorfmann was the hero, survival in harsh circumstances requires those involved accept cold reality. Frank Towns’ inspirational inflexibility risked everyones lives and pointed out the lack of conviction and sacrifice Americans are willing to undergo during severe hardship.

Oops. Sorry for the misattribution.

In Lost:
They were not dead all the time. The Flash-Sideways of the last season was the only part that was Limbo, the rest of the time they really were on a mysterious island, really doing all that weird stuff for weird reasons.

At that point the Mechas ARE aliens. They have no connection to earth or humanity.

That’s why the line “From him we learn about humanity” is so HORRIFIC.
David knows only the worst aspects of humanity.

Yeah I always assumed Replicants were humans grown in a vat. If they were filled with wires and circuits you wouldn’t need a special test to ID them.

The “aliens” in Signs are demons, not aliens. “They’re walking around on a planet full of water!” is not a plot hole because they’re specifically vulnerable to holy water, not regular h2o.

You do realize the person you are quoting was the producer of the movie, right?

You can believe whatever you’d like, it won’t make you any less wrong.