Community of Christ practice

I don’t remember if there are any Dopers who’re still active members of the Community of Christ (which used to be referred to as the Rorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). If anyone’s familiar with the denomination, could you answer a few questions?

  1. What is the Sunday worship service like?

  2. What version of the Bible do they currently prefer to use in worship services? When I had a friend years ago who was an active member, he told me that he’d only used the Inspired Version all his life.

  3. Who gives the sermons?

  4. How does someone become a member of the clergy and at what age is it normaly done for each of the offices in both orders of the Priesthood.

  5. Before the Priesthood was opened up to women, was there an organization similar to the LDS’s Relief Society? If so, now that women can enter the Priesthood, is that organization still viable?

  6. Do you think it’s a realistic possibility that one of the female Apostles will become the church president?

For the Great Debate part: For each question above, what are the Big Theological Arguments for or against that practice that’s caused some groups to split off?

Left off:

  1. What is the current church membership’s general attitude towards the Temple in Independence and what is the Temple used for?

I am a former member of the RLDS church and have attended the Community of Christ here in Nashville. I haven’t been a real active member so I don’t know all the answers.
They do have a good web site

  1. I’ve attended a few services from different churches and for the most part Cof C was just the same as any other protestant services. Singing hymns, prayer, a sermon. The sermons tend not to be the repent fire and brimstone type. It’s usually about how we can grow spiritually and how that relates to our day to day life.

  2. I think most of the Priesthood do use the inspired version but I think that’s a choice.

  3. The sermons are given by a variety of people who are members of the priesthood both male and female. Often guest speakers will give the sermon.

  4. Looking for a lot of detail in this question. If it’s similar to when I was ordained , what happens is a member of the priesthood in your congregation will get the impression that a certain member should be called. This is followed by discussion and prayer with the other priesthood members. If the calling is thought to be from God then the person is approached and offered whatever office the calling was for. Normally one might be called to the office of teacher or priest and then later to Elder, Seventy, or even apostle but there’s no official rule about it.
    There is no normal age. It varies.

  5. I have no idea

  6. Again, I don’t know. I’d like to think they have opened their hearts and minds enough for that to happen.
    I assume you are talking about splits within the RLDS church rather than the earlier splits following the death of J. Smith. I have an old friend who is a member of one of the split congregations. They still use the RLDS name although they also have contact with the world church. The two major points of contention as I understand them were the decision to ordain women and the name change which was followed by a reassessment of the church mission statement.
    Some people still believe that woman have a different role in the church and are not intended for the priesthood. It seems silly and archaic but there it is. My old friend is a wonderful lady herself but pretty conservative.

I like the mission stressing being a member of the world community and how using the spirit to transform our lives will enable us to make a real contribution to that community. It’s a refreshing change from “Our mission is to make everyone believe as we do”
from the web site


Good stuff IMHO
I don’t know about the temple in Independence but from their FAQ