Companies without an email address?

I just wanted to contact a company about, of all things, my parents’ toaster. My folks just celebrated their 60th anniversary and had on display a wedding present, a toaster they still use.

I found the company online. They had phone numbers, a snail mail address, and even a fax number. But no email address. I searched around their website and couldn’t find one.

Seems kind of odd, to be online like they are, but not to have an email contact.

I’ll send a hard copy letter instead, I DO remember how to write!:stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone else noticed something like this?

Did they have any other kind of link that said “contact us”? Sometimes companies don’t publish addresses, but have online forms that you can fill out with your question. This let’s them organize and respond to questions more easily and can reduce the amount of spam they get.

I’ve come across several sites like this. Generally they’re mabufacturers outside the country. You can get their goods through importers or “front” companies, but the manufacturer itself doesn’t have an e-mail address under the name they give.

I’m sure there are also a few Ludite hold-outs out there, too.

Here’s a question. Why do you care?

I care because I find it intriguing that a product purchased sixty years ago is still in good working order, and I wanted to tell the company about it in the easy way, which would be email.

Not that a hardcopy letter is difficult, you understand.

Here’s a question back at you, why did you ask the question? You obviously don’t care, so why did you bother to speak up?

'Cause haters gotta hate.

I am pretty surprised that there are businesses that don’t have email addresses. Email has been around a while :slight_smile: and is pretty well integrated into our society. It would be like a business not having a telephone 20 years after telephones became widely available.

I’ve got access to some databases that may - or may not - give some email contact information. If you let me know the company, either in thread or by PM I’m happy to check and see if I can find anything.