Companies you won't patronize because of their owners/ads?

Just curious if I’m the only one who feels this way… (probably :smiley: )

There are certain companies out there that I have a hard time buying something from simply because of their owners, who for some reason think that by sticking their face in their own commercials, they are somehow more credible.

I think this started with Wendy’s, where **Dave Thomas ** used to do the commercials for the hamburger chain. I irrationally avoided Wendy’s for years because he annoyed me so much. Now that he’s passed on, I’ve been able to go to Wendy’s on occasion. I’ll admit it was stupid, and they have some good things on their menu (not the fries!), but Dave made me go elsewhere for my fast food.

My list of companies/products and their owners that I think hurt rather than help their sales…

  1. **Richard Thalheimer ** - *Sharper Image * - Quit pitching those damn air purifiers! And now, you are doing it with (I’m assuming) your grand daughter on your lap. Just stop it! The sad thing is, I love Sharper Image products, and I enjoy getting gifts from there. But damn if I’ll ever buy anything from him.

  2. **Bill Ford ** - Ford Auto Company - You are where you are because of genetics. But please, put your big bug-eyes back in your head, and let someone else pitch your products. You aren’t “middle America”, and you couldn’t care less about the people that buy the bulk of your vehicles. I’m guessing you don’t live in the same neighborhood as the average Ford customer. That’s ok. You are rich. Stop acting like you aren’t.

  3. **August Busch IV ** - *Busch Breweries * - Please. Another genetic lottery winner. Go away, make your money, and stay out of my face. You aren’t my buddy, and I don’t get the sense that you’d have a beer with the average Joe who’s drinking your swill.

  4. **Jim Koch ** - Samuel Adams Beer, Boston Beer Company - The great-great grandson of Louis Koch, he also seems to have genetics going for him. Apparently, he tweaked the formula, so I’ll cut him some slack. But get your stinking nose out of the hops! I used to like this beverage until I saw those commercials. AUGH!

There are others, of course. But I’ll allow any other folks out there with their own favorites to list them here before I go through them all.

Any others?

There are companies I avoid due to known disagreeable business practices, others I avoid because of poor products, and yet others that I boycott due to their advertising practices.

Only one company do I avoid because of all three: McDonalds. No, I am not loving it. I am not loving your over-saturation advertising campaign smeared all over the place like so much feces at a monkey habitat. Your quaint, specifically targeted ads with their attempts at evoking tender emotional responses to your inferior and disgusting prodcut do nothing but inspire my bile to rise in my throat.

For pure advertising disagreement though it’s Coors Light. From their “taste the cold” campaign thought up by their sensory impaired ad agency to their “twins”, I’ve yet to see an ad from them that made me want to have anything to do with their product.

I haven’t shopped at JCPenny since last Valentine’s day, and I never intend to do so. I was greatly offended by those nasty, degrading ads they ran showing women scorning the men in their lives until they wised up and bought them a piece of JCP’s shitty, cheap jewelery.

Chick-fil-a. I love their food but I refuse to go to a place that is so smug about their Christianity.
From their website

I want a sandwich not a sermon.

Jimmy Johns covers their stores with Free Smells! signs that I find so infuriating that I refuse to eat there.

I wish I traveled more so I could punish Orbitz for its constant stream of pop-up ads by obtaining my plane tickets elsewhere.

What is Jimmy Johns? I have to agree, that’s a disgusting slogan.

I’m assuming an eatery of some type, or a shoe store?

It’s a sandwich shop a la Subway or Quiznos.

Their website, which is reason enough to never, ever patronize them. Warning: irritating, fat monster founder within.

The smug slogan is doubly infuriating when I see homeless people literally sleeping against the building outside.

Many years ago, among account execs and copywriters in advertising agencies, there was a slogan, “Never show the client in an ad.” The one exception was used car agency owners, and you know how bad they are. That, I think, started with an LA character called Madman Muntz who sold everything from cars to refrigerators. Anybody remember him? After that, these other examples are pretty tame. :smiley:

Obviously, fthis policy was for a good reason. However, when a client is spending millions with an agency, I expect it would be pretty difficult to turn him down if he wanted to show his mug in ads or commercials, no matter how bad.


I give them full points for putting their money where their mouth is. Chick-fil-a is closed on Sundays.

I don’t like Carls Jr. or Curves because of their owners. I probably wouldn’t patronize them anyway, but I also discourage people I know from going to either joint if it ever comes in conversation (almost never).

Vonage. That effing “Woo-hoo” commercial is a pox.
**Keebler. ** The “elf” advertising image does not jibe with the frightfest of ingredients.

Oreck. David, if you retire right now I’ll throw in a free cannister vacuum at no extra charge. And you can keep it and owe me nothing if you’re not fully satisfied.

Not that it matters, but Dave Thomas is actually a class act. One of those rich guys who generally did the right things and meant what he said. Perhaps his being in the commercials was grating to some but knowing of his story and philanthropy might be enough to swing the pendulum in the other way.

I can say with 100% authority that this statement is false.

The Old Navy commercials from way back, you know the ones, still to this day have soured me on ever going to a store to make a purchase. I don’t give a rats ass if they are giving me free T-Shirts and Khakis.

I won’t shop at Wal-Mart under any circumstances. I’m not blindly in favor of the “mom and pop” stores and I’m willing to support free trade and most capitalist ventures but these guys cross the line in so many ways. Toss in the rabid bible thumping (if a dime of my money is going to a religous organization I’ll be shopping elsewhere) and they are the perfect storm of companies to avoid.

Currently that stupid fake Aussie guy in the Outback Steakhouse commercials is offputting, though I can’t say I’ve ever wanted for reasons to dodge that place.

There’s many of them, but yeah, to answer the question, I’m one of those guys who’ll avoid places based on their owners and/or ads.

Yes, I am a big fan of his, too…he was adopted, and he did a lot to support adoption with his foundation.

Cool…is there a story here you want to tell? I actually met the guy, once myself (in a business setting). I didn’t have a beer with him, but he seemed nice.

Personally, I avoid Nestle because of some baby formula marketing tactics they have used in underdeveloped countries.

It matters. I **did ** say I was irrational with my hatred of Dave in his commercials. But you are right. I also remember hearing that he didn’t like doing the commercials himself, but his money men said sales were going up, so he kept doing them. But he got under my skin.

I’m curious to hear this story too (If you would share). Hey, I wish my name was August Busch IV. That’s like hitting the lotto. I’m not angry that he’s rich. I just find him a non-believable beer buddy. If he is, good for him (and his buddies!) I have the same feeling for that guy that’s standing in the snow selling Coors. I can’t remember his first name (maybe Pete?), but his last name is Coors, I believe. I just don’t understand why these corporate barons, mega-millionaires need to stick their faces into the ads. My problem, I realize.
I was holding out to see if someone would name Ron Popeil (sp?) of Ronco. But to be fair, he’s been around a long time and he’s come up with some pretty interesting products. He just frightens me with his “set it and forget it” face. :eek:

There’s not really much of a story. My aunt is close friends with a bar owner in St. Louis. I’ve visited a few times for Cubs-Cards games and have stopped by the bar for cocktails. It’s a very blue-collar, dare I say, dive bar towards the south side of city in the general vicinity of the brewery and headquarters. He came in when we were drinking on one occasion and had a few beers. We were briefly introduced and he was perfectly friendly and bought us a couple beers. Apparently he pops in on a fairly regular basis and is thought fairly well of by people that have met him there. There’s also fairly frequent sightings of him at the high-end bars in and around St. Louis cavorting with members of the opposite sex. In short, he’s perfectly comfortable hanging out with us little people and aside from being rumored to be a bit of a playboy most people I’ve talked to who know him reasonably well find him to be fairly friendly and accessible as billionaires go.

Damn, think I could have said “fairly” a few more times there…fairly annoying for the reader I’m sure.

I REFUSE to go to Papa John’s anymore.

I had a coupon for a supreme pizza. (it was the only coupon I had) I don’t like veggies on my pizza so I told the lady on the phone to omit the veggies. She fuck’n declined to do so!!

Just to make sure she wasnt missunderstanding me, I told her I wasn’t expecting any extra meat topping to replace the veggies; just leave the damn veggies off!!

She still declined. Even after I explained to her that she’s actually saving the company money by doing so.

Still nothing.

And oh, this was the GM I was talking to. :rolleyes:

Yeah, “Better ingredients and bigger idiots” indeed.

Koss. I went to high school with the son of the CEO. Couldn’t stand the kid.


The old ads here in the UK were bad enough with some smarmy woman helping a family out with their online woes. But the new ads are worse still, loosely suggesting that AOL can deal with all sorts of problems like terrorism by discussing them online :dubious: