Company Email policy

One of the common ones is to delete email every thirty days.
Is this

  1. get it the hell off the server
  2. Protect the company against some liability
  3. Annoy the help

Wow. I’ve never seen that before in a policy. I can only guess it’s to free up space, but I don’t think it’s the best way of doing it. Deleting old emails means deleting evidence of company (or dubious personal) communications, potentially to customers, which is never really a great idea.

At places I’ve worked at, you had a storage limit and if you reached 90% of your allocation received warning pop-ups every time you tried to send an email. If you hit 95% you were automatically barred from sending outgoing mail until you archived or deleted old emails.

As a network admin for my company, I can tell you what we do. We ask that people delete their old emails after 3 months, and to empty their deleted folders each night (if not, then atleast once a week). We then delete them from the main server, which gives us more room and allows the mail to move quicker. Also, anything that has a large attachment we ask for them to print it out. We don’t mind if they keep some large attachments, but the more you have, the more space you’re using, the slower the mail moves. If we notice people not doing it and basically saying “f you, I’ll do what I want”, we log in and delete the large items and the crap-mail…we then send a message that says something along the lines of “we hope nothing important got deleted; this is why we ask you to do it”. Serves them right for not following the instructions they’re given.

Of course, us admins are the worst. we have a TON of mail and craploads of attachments in our mail…LOL

They automatically delete everything over 30 days old here. In fact, new people don’t even know this until it’s happened to them a few times. If you want to keep something, it’s up to you to archive it. Good luck figuring that out, too, because no training or manuals are available. Costs too much, you know.

Sorry, I didn’t even address the question. The reason for the policy here is to keep server space freed up. We also have a system-enforced limit on the size of file attachments, and certain types of attachments can’t be sent or received through our firewall (i.e., EXEs, BATs, COMs, etc.)

Until recently, we never had anything like this. A few months ago, everyone was requested to archive any old messages they needed and delete the rest, to free up server space. Apparently, no one, or very few people, did this, so a couple of weeks ago they announced that messages over 45 days old would be automatically deleted.