Company sells dowsing rods for use as bomb detectors

Part of the reason for the upswing in bombings in Iraq lately? Maybe because the Iraqi military is using very expensive forked sticks to scan for bombs at checkpoints.

Read on and you’ll get to the explanation of how it supposedly “works”.

Somewhere in the Universe of Fiction (take a hard charmed past the Orion nebula, look for the Milliways billboard, can’t miss it) Milo Minderbender is smiling.

I remember James Randi talking about the Quadro Tracker years ago, I wonder if it is the same device?

Probably. That was made by TASC and this…thing…is made by ATSC.

Just the item to report at:

They need better examples than the ones they have right now under the dowsing section.

Why wouldn’t it work? You give it to Achmed and tell him to go look for bombs with it. When he finds one … you’ll know it.

It might have some value as a psychological tool if Achmed’s waving the wand and his partner Abdul is watching the driver and passengers for signs of nervousness.

Of course, nervousness surely isn’t in short supply in modern Iraq.

This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic and horrifying.

But they DO work! (If you use them like any other pointed stick to poke gently into the ground to find the buried mines and bombs :rolleyes:)

When they put the flag in, is it because they found numbers in the adjoining areas?

“Be very careful, Omar, you’re standing on a 5”.

Bringing backward hicks into civilization is a long slow and arduous process.

If the customer is happy with the product, can someone else still bring some form of case to court? Are there jurisdiction issues?

I think the article says the company is ATSC (UK) Ltd. May we assume the company is actually in the UK?

Indeed they do - detection is signalled by the user flying abruptly upwards and scattering him/herself over a wide area.

Well, that’s him all over…

OK, Well, looks like he’s got it covered. This alone would be enough for me, as POTUS, to issue an immediate redeployment command to all US troops in Iraq.

Arabs have a cultural thing about dogs, too (Dogs are considered filthy beasts, not pets) so it’s extremely unlikely they’d ever use them as mainstream tools. It’s too bad there’s not a really good way to detonate C4 and other materials using radio waves.

The best checkpoint in the world would be one where you pull up onto the inspection platform, 4 reinforced concrete walls rise up around your vehicle and the bomb “checker” sends a brief pulse through the car. Oh, and you don’t need to get out of the car–this’ll just take a couple seconds…

Getting Saddam was a huge mistake. Occupying Iraq in hopes of establishing a competent government was a huge mistake. Thinking we can save these people from themselves is a huge mistake.

Considering some of the dumb things the US military has done, I don’t think this is a reason to consider them more foolish than our own military. It’s no stupider than trying to spy on the Soviets with psychics, or destroy Soviet missiles by burning photos of them.

Well, yes it is. We never relied exclusively on psychics for esponage, and laugh if you want to about the burning photos thing–if that hadda worked out it would have been awesome! But you make my point for me. Neither method worked reliably and so they were back-burnered for “further study” while more effective methods were pursued.

This is an overstatement - Arabs DON’T (generally speaking) like dogs as pets, but I’ve known plenty who used them as guard animals or hunting animals.

Not under Australian law, and I’d assume it’s the same elsewhere. You can’t sue for damages if you haven’t suffered damage.