Comparative Risk analysis

Wondering what any of you thought about the new version of the old standby game of world domination - Risk.

My son just got the new version, and I’m a convert. Note, so far we have only played 2 person games. For some reason, the wimmen-folk in casa-Dinsdale don’t seem overly eager to join in. Perhaps they see no need to dominate the world, and are content simply dominating our household.

I love the command cards.
I like the additional sea and lunar territories, including more smaller areas for regional domination
I also love that a game need not last an eternity - yesterday we set up and played a game in less than 2 hours.
Each turn seems to require more strategy than the old game.

Some individual turns can seem to last an eternity.
The board set-up is really big and cumbersome.
Some command cards are WAY more powerful than others.

Anyone else care to risk an opinion?