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I’ve been getting an increasing number of robo-calls from this debt collection agency. I am not the person they are looking for. Would it be a bad idea to call them and tell them this? I am concerned if I call them then that would give them confirmation that they at least have a valid number.

Anyone have any experiences with them?

If you call them they won’t believe you are not the person they are looking for and continue to harass you.

If the calls are an ongoing annoyance, you might consider answering and getting their mail address and sending them a cease and desist. No lawyers or fees required, you can find plenty of boilerplate templates on line.

I did this with a persistent collector about 5 years back when they wouldn’t take my word that I had never even heard of the woman they were looking forward.

I used the one that stated the person they were seeking was unknown to me and to only contact be via snail-mail.

Never received any other calls or mail.

Do send it registered though so you have proof of delivery.

Yeah, Google “Fair Debt Collection Act” and you’ll find information on how to deal with it. If they continue to contact you, the official site should have info on how to proceed, which may involve contacting your state’s Attorney General.