Complete this verse from an obscure, long-lost theme song

“Home, home, home on the other siiiide! . . .”

OK, probably only Aussie and Brit dopers have a chance at this one.
This song has been echoing around the dusty walls of my skull for some time now.
Sadly, I will probably never hear it again.

How many of you know it?
First one to guess it right will be crowned King of the icypole sticks.

Other dopers, please offer your own challenges to complete snippets from other long-lost television theme songs. The more obscure the better.

Keeping with the regional theme:
I had a dream I could ride across the mountaintops
Ride on the wave where the sea turns blue…*


There once was a wealthy man who had a wonderful idea.
To bring children from all places with all kinds of faces…

Is this it?

Yes, Terenti, that is indeed the right show.
But the line, man/madam! You were supposed to jump in singing the second line of the song!

Incidentally, that IMDb contributer evidently doesn’t remember much of the song.
(Not that I remember it all myself.)
Pity. It’s a catchy song, and I’d really like to hear it again just for the nostalgia.
Even though I was never really into the show.

Ooh, ooh, ooh! I remember that show!
But I can’t remember the continuation of the theme song.
(I always thought it was a “wondrous idea” that wealthy and irresponsible old geezer had.)

*Together into a sailing ship there were forty boys and girls.
They would sail their ship around the globe so they called it “The United World”

That’s all I’ll post for copyright reasons, rest (with video)is here

Apparently this was huge in Israel in the late 80s, any Israeli Dopers care to confirm?

I can’t really remember much of it myself, but it does have a bizarrely huge cult following. It’s a legacy of the time when Israel had only one TV channel - for some reason, the powers that be at the Broadcast Authority would basically play the show on a loop during the summer.