Completely and utterly pointless thing to tell anyone, here u go

I cant drum my fingers in time to a beat as well as i used to!
Admittadly i couldnt kep a decent beat before, but now its worse.
Its my fingernails, i’ve got some, and its really confusing, i’ve only had fingernails once in my life, and its a really wierd feeling.
Oh, how am i s’posed to cut my nails? ( its really never been an issue) i guess it aint straight like toenail ( is that wrong? )

oh. anyone else hear ‘a yam’ in songs rather than ‘i am’ ( i.e Skunk Anansi, ‘weak as i am’ comes out ’ weak as a yam’)
miby its just me.
i’m having a boring day. that’s my only defence.

hoping that i can convert somoen else to ‘a yam’ mentality.


I miss my medication sometimes, too.

Yes, I’ve had to cut my nails.
I used to use garden shears, but that became painful and well, bloody. Luckily, someone invented a device especially for cutting fingernails! It’s called, IIRC, a “Nail Clipper”.
When I first heard of such a fantabulous contraption I was frightened and confused, but the nice lady in the drugstore showed me how to use it and gave me a helpful manual.
You should print this thread out and bring it to the store in case you forget what its called.


I never cut my hair, and it’s only about 1/3 of the way down my back. Never gets any longer. It must be, oh, about seventeen or eighteen years since I cut the back.
Oh, BTW? I just love knowing that someone else out there spells worse than me! :smiley:

I impacted my right thumbnail peeling the garlic. Garlic is a tricky thing. It’s easy to pull off the outer peel, but then there’s a very thin membrane on the clove that you also have to remove. It slides off beautifully once you get a grip on it, but it’s hard to find purchase at first. I had to peel eight cloves, and I was halfway through when I realized that I was pushing my skin further under the nail. I finished with my index finger, which is tougher, but it was already too late.

I also cut my left index finger while inverting a bundt pan. The pan has a lip, with a very sharp edge, and I couldn’t stop the cut after it got started because of the way I was holding the pan. The same evening, I was carrying a wooden stepladder, and a splinter stabbed me. Well, it didn’t stick, but now I have a puncture wound on the fat part of my left palm, to which I can’t fasten a Band-Aid. If anything more like this happens, I won’t be able to use my hands hardly at all.

or people around me do an excellent job of ignoring my farts.