Complex Q. about pacemaker & hair clipper than only a Doper would know

OK, I have had a pacemaker installed. Also, my wife has cut my hair for years, but uses a really old clipper with the brush-type motor that sparks and emits ozone. This is a no-no to get near the pacemaker. As my head is, unfortunately, somewhat near my heart, there is a problem.

The two are not compatible. Doctors don’t know anything about hair clippers and anybody knowing about motors and hair clippers probably isn’t up on pacemakers.

So, do modern hair clipper/trimmers have non-sparking motors now?

Is there another Doper with a pacemaker who gets haircuts at home? :smiley:

If nobody knows, any suggestions where might get such info?

I’m not sure why old clippers would be such a bad thing around your pacemaker. Sure, the things are horrible emitters of RF noise, but your pacemaker is designed to work around such things. Newer clippers will generate a lot less RF noise, if that helps to put your mind at ease.

You may find this site helpful:

Thanks for the info and the very interesting link, which gives a lot more info than I got from the pacemaker manual.

I do see that stun guns are to be avoided, so will have to be very docile around any cops. :smiley:

I knew magnetic fields were to be used with caution, so thought the hairclipper might emit some waves, but you are probably right that it is safe enough if kept some distance from the device.