Composting - pleaes help a newbie

Hookay, so China Wife has been bitten with the gardening wannabe bug. We bought a big ol’ honkin’ drum rotating composter yesterday from Costco. We also have a fair amount of kitchen veggie scraps and a lawn that gets mowed no more than 10 times per year. We really want to compost the hell out of our kitchen scraps and really here in the Seattle area there just isn’t that much yard detrius to worry about.

For decent composting, about how much “brown” should we use by volume with our kitchen leftovers? Composting R Us and other websites are pretty unclear.

Tips and tricks? I’ve seen we want to pour letover beer and wine in the composter for the yeast, and could introrduce fishing worms. Anything else that’s easy for noob with decent results?

If you need brown, you can shred (black and white) newspapers, or brown paper bags. You need, I dunno, three or four times as much brown as green. I wouldn’t introduce worms, personally. If you have access to herbivore manure (cow, horse, chicken, etc – not dogs or cats), a bucketful of that is the best starter imaginable.