Computer asks "Which (audio) device did you plug in?" - purpose?

That’s about as short a title as I can come up with, I’m afraid.

When I connect headphones or speakers to my laptop’s 3.5mm audio output a popup comes up asking me what I plugged in, with the options: headphones, speakers, Skullcandy headphones, Dell speakers.

I don’t have any Skullcandy headphones or Dell speakers, so I’m only ever going to choose the first two options. What difference, if any, does it make for me to select the right option every time? I’d rather get rid of the popup if I’m wasting my valuable seconds clicking things needlessly.

I suspect that its an effort to set the volume level correctly.
It may also have a DSP (think “Graphic equaliser” ) profile for each ?

I had thoughts about SkullKrusher headphones… what sort of options would they have ?

Maybe it’s just an advertisement. Dell is running a deal with Skullcandy this year.

They have “Special” settings for the MAXXAudio Pro like movie, music, voice and gaming. Also “special” settings for MaxxBass, MaxxTreble, MaxxSpace and there own equalizer. Big Whoop.