Computer backup options (need cheap or free VPN?)

I was discussing backup of computer info with a friend, and neither of us wants to spend $10 a month for on-line storage…that can add up after a year or two. So I was thinking, maybe we should each get a big drive and back up the other’s data. We each have cable modems, so the only question is how we connect house-to-house across several miles.

a) is this a reasonable plan?
b) is there a better plan?
c) is there a cheap or free VPN that will let us do this?
d) is there another way to connect our two networks?

Probably, what you’ll quickly find is that while you have significant downstream bandwidth, your upstream bandwidth will be very limited.

Much simpler: buy two (or more) USB HDDs each, back up, then FedEx them to each other every once in a while. You overwrite the older backup each time.

Or, as you’re within driving distance, just drive them over.