Computer boot issue.

i was wondering If anybody had any ideas.

So My computer was on when we had a power outage. It was on a UPS, but it may have died too, I wasn’t in the house at the time.

Afterwards it wouldn’t boot, It would hang saying no boot drive found, even though the all appeared in the sequence. Mb code was 75, concuring after screwing around, I gave up and did a hard CMOS reboot. And everything worked perfectly for days.

I was forced to restart it again. It got to the last drive in the bios detect and just hangs. No error message this time, but code 75 again forever. Another hard CMOS reboot and it worked perfect again.

This morning i restarted again, and again hangs on error code 75, rebooting CMOS works. I tried again after replacing the CMOS battery, but same issue.

it is going to be a huge pain in the ass to pull that stupid battery everytime I want to reboot. Anybody know how to make CMOS remember exactly what it is doing that works fine? It’s an EVGA MB, and the boot drive is SSD.

POST error 75: Detect HDD IDE device detection

So it could be the driver, disk controller, cables, or the BIOS itself. Even if the power outage was accompanied by a spike, the UPS should have filtered that out … what can happen though is if you have any other device connected to the PC which is itself not on a power filter, such as a printer or monitor - the spike can still get through to the PC.

If your disk controller is on your system board, I’d just replace the whole board - who knows what else is or soon will be wrong with it, even if we fixed this. I can think of two things you might want to try before that though:

  • swap in a different hard disk if you have one around, see if the problem returns
  • re-flash the BIOS

I’ve seen electrical issues worsen…develop further and change the entire baseline for MBs. Ghost in the Shell kind of stuff.

IMHO and Experience you should plug your HD into another tower and check to see how it reads. If reads try swapping parts. use longer cables to save you time in pulls parts. else just buy new parts.

If you could take a photograph of the screen and post that next time that would be invaluable. It will give the bios maker, version, etc.

Also could you describe specifically what you mean by a hard reset of the bios. thanks.

edit: it might be worth checking to see if there are any bios upgrades for that mobo.