Computer chair cushion-foam or gel?

I need to get some kind of effective seat cushion for my computer chair. I spend 8-10 hrs. a day on my computer and my ass aches so bad I have to keep constantly shifting positions. I am wondering which type of cushion is most effective for long term use. So far I found two basic types; memory foam and gel.

I could use some input as to the pros and cons of each and also where to buy one. Price is not a problem.

What type of chair are you using now? If price is not a problem, why don’t you just get a new chair?

A few months back my computer chair broke, and being short on cash, I got a cheap one to replace it. It has a straight back and seat, and not very much padding. My back’s been killing me since I got it. But I got a little more money recently and decided to spring for a “premium managers chair” at Wallmart. It was a little more than I wanted to pay ($99), but as soon as I sat in it I knew I’d made the right decision. The padding on it is very thick and comfortable, and the lower back padding juts out a little bit, so it supports the small of your back. I can sit in this new one for hours without any problems.

Sorry I can’t offer any advice on cushions, other than if your chair is making you ache, you’re probably best getting another chair. If you can afford to spend a bit more (over $100), you can get something really nice. If you spend that many hours a day in it, the investment will be well worth it.