Computer Clock Problems

Last year, there was a thread here regarding some of our clocks not keeping the correct time, and some very good recommendations were made for downloads to help fix this.

One of these was, I believe, the US Navy site. but the last time I checked, there was nothing happening there. It was, in other words, frozen.

So I would like to ask our computer gurus to recommend another website that has a free download to keep my clock current.



Start here.

If you follow the link for NTP and Internet Time Services, you will also find software to automatically synch your PC clock.

Good Luck.

I found a great little freeware program a few weeks ago, Atomic Clock Sync. I syncronizes your clock with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) server in Colorado that’s hooked up to the atomic clock. Factoring in things like server lag and such it claimes to get you within .5 seconds of real time.

You can click it to sync you up or have it ping automaticly once a day. It’s a small program (file size), works fine on XP, and it’s free.

Umm…for the record, XP has time-synchronization built into it. If you right-click on your desktop clock, it’ll be one of the options there.

I personally only sync my computer once a month. I think that if you need to do it more often, there’s a problem with your computer clock, possibly a battery about to conk out.

There are many programs to sync to an atomic clock and they all give the same accuracy, so pick one you like. Here’s the NTP page with a partial software list:

I use NIST’s sync freeware:

It retrieves a list of servers to use. Every time you check your time, it writes a log entry with the time difference in seconds. There are a couple of design points that make it less than ideally convenient, however.

I also sometimes use WorldTime and Primasoft Date/Time for additional information. usually has tons of any type of program…you might search there for ‘clock’

I downloaded the Atomic Clock freeware. Seems to be working just fine now.