Computer constantly freezing

It’s inevitable that at some point, when I’m surfing the web, my computer will freeze. Opera won’t respond, my taskbar will freeze, and it becomes impossible to exit from any program or window (ending processes doesn’t work when I can manage to pull up the Task Manager). I can get the right mouse menu to appear from the desktop, but nothing will work from it. I’ve uninstalled unnessecary programs, deleted all temp files, cleaned the registry, and have scanned for malware (and spyware) on my computer.

This all began after I started the computer and it told me that no bios was installed. I downloaded a newer bios from the web, and installed it. I still get the same message. I’ve checked from Windows and it says I have the updated bios installed on my computer. I’m stumped - nothing I do works. Does anyone have any idea on what’s wrong?

Could be a hardware problem. Bad RAM, overheating CPU, or even video card drivers could be to blame.

Overheating is something I was also thinking. Is your computer, by any chance, in a confined area where it might not be able to get fresh air? One thing you could do is turn it off to let it cool down, take the cover off, put a nice big fan on it and turn it back on. That may help to keep the innards cool. Mind you, this is for troubleshooting only, if it does work, the next step is to figure out why it’s overheating and fix it. Also, if you open it up and find big giant wads of dust, you’ll want to take it outside and get all the dust off (I say outside, because that dust makes a BIG mess). A can of air should help with this.

If your machine is saying it has no BIOS installed, I’m surprised it’s getting as far as it is.

Or is it actually saying ‘BIOS not installed’? This is a common message when dealing with RAID or SCSI adapters and usually means that there are no drives attached (it’s actually a little more complicated) to that adapter. Many motherboards have onboard RAID these days.

As I think it’s the latter message, I’d suggest you look elsewhere, but go into the BIOS and disable your RAID / SCSI BIOS.

Tell me, does the freezing happen when you are not running a web browser or Outlook? Does your firewall show anything? What do you see if you have Task Manager running before the freeze?