Computer crashing........

Hi this is a friend of Doc Moss’ and i was wondering if anyone here can help me? My computer seems to continuously crash on me whenever i open up a new game i install on it.
Is there any way i can fix it?
The whole computer doesn’t actually crash on me but the game i play kicks me out before i can even get to the title screen. I tried running the virus scanner and it found nothing.


Microsoft is advertising that it’s new 2000 system is 18 times more stable than Windows 98, according to independent tests. I don’t know if that will run on your machine.

It’s possible your sound card settings for the game are not correct if it’s an older DOS mode game that you assign sound card memory addresses for. This will often give games a heart attack.

If it’s a newer game that uses directx mode make sure you have all the latest drivers for the video and audio cards installed and any patches the game may require. Also make sure the latest version of directx is installed.

Doc Moss,

As a non-gamer and with family members that frequently get cool looking games (and as a semi-retired techchick – yep doing web stuff more and tech stuff less) most of the problems I have noticed even with Windows systems (assuming that’s what you have) come when people install games.

No offense to any game programmers here but most of them are inferior and create havoc on your PC. I usually recommend that people forego the PC games and get stand-alone systems (Nintendo, Play Station etc…) for their gaming fun. Especially if you use your system for more involved stuff.

You next best bet is to hit the software manufacture’s website and see if they have any updates or fixes to known problems.

Also, it might help fellow gamers/techs to help you out if you gave specifics to your sytem, the OS and the game in question. Often a video card, sound card, processor, RAM, or the OS in general will be a culprit but without that information it’s nearly impossible to help you out.

Hmmmm, I think that last sentence was a part of a previous thread by the OP…Now be nice Doc Moss or I will unleash you to the crocs in my basement of hell.

Well, it might be easier for me if I knew what type of computer it is, pc or mac, & what operating system. This is usually the first question I ask people.

Not only should you post your computer specs and OS info, but you should also post what game it is. Some games are buggy with specific sound or video cards. For example, Diablo II doesn’t work with my GeForceII, so I have to run it in Direct2D mode. :frowning: