Computer dead - strange noises from the speakers

I just got home to find my pc off (I left it on while I was at work). Strange interference noises were coming from my speakers which are hooked up to the mobo’s built in HD audio.

When I cut the power to the power supply, the noises go away. But with the power restored, the noises come back. Also, neither using the button on the case, nor the turn on button built in to the motherboard will turn the sucker on.

Any ideas as to what it could be? Bad mobo maybe? Damn it.

When my last desktop died it made beeping noises when I turned it on, I researched it and it turned out that there was a pattern to the beeps which was supposed to give you a clue as to what was wrong. I think I determined it to be the motherboard but I didn’t bother trying to fix it/get it fixed.

Is it a beeping or does it just sound like white noise?

The power supply is the most likely culprit. It’s about a $30 item, be sure you replace it with a good quality one of similar wattage.

It’s a do-it-yourself item, I can point you to a tutorial if you are up for trying. I have several friends that didn’t think they could replace a power supply that did it just fine.

I’d say $30 if it’s outdated, maybe.

I’d look into spending $50-75 for one that will actually last. Budget PSUs are not the way to go 9 times out of 10. They’re most often the first thing to die in a system (all of the computers in my house have needed replacement PSUs).

Make sure you pay attention to the Mobo beep codes. Check your manual since they vary with the different models/brands. If you aren’t getting a post at all (no single beep or multiple beeps), then one of 3 MAIN things could be wrong:

  1. Mobo not getting enough power from the PSU; a rail most likely failed
  2. The mobo is fried (somewhat less likely but it does happen).
  3. Your PC audio is broken AS WELL AS your video card (extremely unlikely, but it would not allow you to even hear/see a post).

Try booting with a barebones setup. One stick of RAM (changing them out for another just to make sure it’s not the RAM). NO video card, no hard drives, no CD drives. Nothing except your processor, a stick of ram, and the power supply. You will be able to probably determine what the problem is if you can’t boot at that point (mobo, ram, or psu).

Addendum: If you’re ABLE to post while in barebones, then it is most likely a power issue.

EDIT: I can’t read. If you aren’t even getting spinning fans/LEDs, then it is either Mobo or PSU 100%. I’d lean towards PSU since you’d get at least a peep if the Mobo was fried.