Computer Desktop Colours

On desktop, where the icons wording is. For example, “my computer” ; the color which surrounds this text, is it changeable?


I’m assuming the presence of Windows?

Right-click your mouse anywhere on the Desktop, brings up a little menu, click on Properties, brings up a window called Display Properties, you want the one called Appearance. Browse to your heart’s content

UD, the color you want to change is the Desktop color. Windows sets the text color to contrast with desktop color which is the color of the box that shows thru the wallpaper.

If you don’t like the colored box around your text, you can go get a little program called “Transparent” from this site. I’ve used it for years. It changes the text background to transparent and can change the text color to either Black, White or the Desktop color.


Neat freeware utility JimB!!

BTW you accidently combined your thread address and the site address. Try this address.

"Transparent 4

What is it?

This utility will turn your Windows 9x or NT desktop icon text backgrounds transparent; allowing your wallpaper to show through. It will also allow you to easily change the icon text to any color. It’s completely free, with no splash, and is only 25k. "

Thanks for fixing the link, astro. The link got screwed up because I forgot to put the “HTTP://” on the front.

It was suppose to be: If a mod happens by and feels like fixing it, I’d appreciate it.

He also has a nice collection of Icons on that site.


Hey Thanks alot for that tool… Wicked shit.