Computer - Firefox proxy server questions: help?

My daughter asked me to set up her own profile on our computer: fine, no problem, in fact (unbeknownst to her) I should now theoretically have more control over her browsing content. (The default browser is MS Internet Expolorer.)

So, going back to my own, or default profile, when trying to use Firefox, I get:

I can’t, for the life of me find out where the proxy server setting is located, and for that matter why it even got changed in the first place.

Suggestions welcomed.


Advanced / Network / Connections / Settings

Did this thing you did to have more control over her browsing content, set up internet access through an internal proxy server? It might have installed software that monitors connections, and disabled direct internet access, and it might have set up IE to use that internal proxy server. You can see IE’s settings under Tools, Internet Options, Connections, LAN Settings (if I remember right).

Set up Firefox’s proxy settings the same as IE’s and it should work.

Thanks. I’m at work and finally found the setting under:

Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Settings.

I’ll try to find out tonight what happened. Weird.