Computer firewall

I have been running a Sunbelt personal firewall on my Dell XP laptop for about 2 years now. As of the last month or so, my browser has slowed to a crawl, and I have been plagued with intermittent Blue Screens of Death. Tonight it happened twice with a file named FWDRV.sys being IDed as the problem
Doing some googlilng tonight, it looks like the Kerio/Sunbelt personal firewall is the problem.
I did an uninstall and used the Kerio clean up tool I still have one instance of FWDRV.sys in the C:/i386 file, but Firefox is zooming along and so far no BSOD.
So my questions are:

  1. Can I manually remove the FWDRV.sys file?
  2. Should I just stick with the Windows firewall, or suggestions?

I’d just stick with the Windows FW. Better yet, buy a router and just use that.

I have a router at home, but being a laptop, it isn’t always at home.

Your router most likely is doing the firewall duties. You’re fine using the windows firewall.

No, you shouldnt mess with it. Your uninstaller did all the work. Manually deleting things in system folders is a surefire way to break the computer.