Computer freezes

My laptop, a Q430 Samsung, Win 7, freezes up. Windows has been reinstalled, BIOS has been upgraded and set to defaults. BIOS clock never loses time. When powered on, sometimes the screen will be blank and the HD doesn’t run. The system will freeze on POST sometimes. Sometimes when entering F2 BIOS settings, changes can be made, other times it is frozen. Sometimes Windows will load normally, but freeze in a short time. When it freezes, the HD keeps running at top speed (led is on steady) I have tried to run CHKDSK, but the system will freeze before it is completed. I have not reset any memory sticks. Early on there was another problem which may be related. The computer would turn off of I pressed hard on the lower right corner of the case. I investigated and found that there was a connector there which I played around with for a bit, so it doesn’t have this problem anymore. Malwarebytes came up clean. Any ideas?

Motherboard and/or power failure? You’ll probably need to take it to a shop unless you have the parts to test those for you.

You probably should do so. If you have more than one memory stick, change them, or try to run the machine with only either of those. Bad RAM is often the cause of such erratic behavior.

I have two of these machines. Maybe I will try swapping the RAM and see what happens.

Yeah, that sounds like a solid test for RAM failure.

Random freezes can sometimes be caused by overheating. For a laptop, the airvents cooling the CPU can get clogged. A can of air can sometimes help.