Computer Game Lovers - Help Me Kill Time - What Computer Game/Style should I buy?

ok, so I swung by the game store this afternoon. It’s really hard to want to pull the trigger on $50 for a brand new game (e.g., Civ3). And Civ3 looks like it’d be mind-numbing in the minutae - not sure I’m of that make-up or not.

Wizardry 8 is out already - they had a big display of it. Those of you who are waiting for it - have you seen any actual reviews of the game itself (not previews). I’ve heard of other SirTech games that had bugs and poor design.

Everquest - sounds good, but not sure if I’m willing (or the wife is) to support $10/mo. right now. Easier to swallow in some weird psychological way upfront $30 - 50 than $10/mo.

I looked for Grim Fandango but no go. I love the “fun” adventure games (for instance, really liked Zork Grand Inquisitor). Any other similar titles out there?

Keep those suggestions coming - the money hasn’t quite burned through my pocket yet…

If they port Grand Theft Auto III to PC… GET IT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. The game is insane. 'Nuff said.

Try Amazon: Grim Fandango. $9.99

And while you’re there, pick up the Monkey Island Trilogy. $14.99. The first two games have crappy graphics and sound, but the story line is hysterical.

ohh, ohh ohh, how could i forget?

this is, IMHO, ten times the game Baldur’s Gate ever was. it was produced only shortly after Baldur’s Gate and it’s also by Black Isle, but the direction they took is COMPLETLEY different; it has a much more interesting story than B.G.'s was, to boot. however, it’s old, and it never really cought on with the masses, so Amazon is the only place to go…

Planescape: Torment, the best game ever


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What do you prefer about EQ over Dark Age of Camelot? I am just curious. I recently got DAoC, and am enjoying it immensely, but I’ve never played any other MMORPG.

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Shylock: just as well you didn’t buy EQ. I made a typo in my original post - I meant to say it works out to about 10 cents/hour for me to play, not 10 cents/minute. It’s amazingly addictive, and your wife will hate you if you buy it. Trust me.

BTW, you could always buy this month’s Computer Gaming World, and try it out - I think it comes with 10 free days of play. Then you’re not buying a game at all, you’re buying a magazine.

DaveX: I like Everquest mostly because it’s my first love, I think. I don’t have time to play both games, although I have them both. My big impression of EQ is that it’s a lot harder than DAoC. DAoC seems to me to be a “dumbed down” EQ. HOWEVER - I only played DAoC for about 10 hours, and it turns out the class I chose (Shadowblade) wasn’t what I expected (supposed to be a rogue with spells, but they didn’t put the spells in). The game is definitely higher quality graphics than EQ, and I’m intrigued by the realm-vs.-realm aspect.

I’m also right in the thick of things in EQ. Both my characters are coming into their own, and I’m not much interested in starting new characters. I’m also emotionally attached to them - when they die, I’m really upset! DAoC just never got my emotions going in the same way.

From what I’ve seen, both games are really, really fun & addictive. If EQ disappeared tomorrow, I’d probably be very happy play DAoC. If I were single and had no life, I’d probably spend all my spare time playing both games. In fact, at times, EQ has made me think fondly of the days that I was single and had no life. Sick, isn’t it?

If you’re looking for cheap FPS games get Thief: The Dark Project, or System Shock 2.

I’d have to second the Fallout games too.

For more RPG goodness, I’d download an emulator and play some Final Fantasy II / III

Civ II / Alpha Centuari / Civ III would all be good choices too.

ROFLMAO - In some sense, the “amazingly addictive” part is what I’m looking for, since I remember feeling that way about the original Wizardry. And now from several of the posts here I started looking more into EQ or DAoC. And I’m liking what I see. Will the wife forgive me if I go this way? (that’s a rhetorical question, no need to actually answer :slight_smile: )

FPS- Deus Ex, Half-life, and The wheel of time. All 3 are great single player games and with half life you can download the mod counterstrike and play a team vs team counter terrorism type game. More people play the mod counterstrike than Unreal Tournament or Quake 3:)

Strategy- I liked Alpha Centauri more than Civ 3 as to me Civ 3 is fun, but there are not that many different ways of playing it. Heroes of Might and Magic 3 is fun too, but its a bit hard in the later levels.

As far as mmogs(massive multiplayer online games) go I would say that DAoC is the same as everquest except it is newer, you have realm vs realm combat, and the Customer Service hasn’t developed a reputation of hating their customers yet.

Well, I love sim games and I find Simcity 3000 to be frustrating too- it’s supposed to be better than 2000 but it’s just full of more annoying things like those damn water pipes. My favorite games are The Sims (I even have a site with tons of downloads I made for it and ** Creatures 2** I have C3, but again, it’s supposed to be better, but… Theme hospital is also a silly and enjoyable way to waste time, and since it’s about $10 it’s a cheap one too.

May I recommend for downloading legal demos? I’m pretty sure I want Zoo Tycoon now that I’ve got to play a mini version of it. There are probably demos of many of the suggestions in this thread, which should help you narrow it down.

Everyone has named great games here. Fallout & Fallout 2 are still classics. For the price of one new game, you could probably get three great older ones. The newest ones are about to start hitting the shelves in earnest, though.


Fallout 2
System Shock 2
Deus Ex (may go back and play this one if I ever get a chance)
Heroes III (IV won’t be out until next year)

Not quite as old but still great:

No One Lives Forever (actually better than Half-Life, believe it or not)
Baldur’s Gate 2
Planescape (it really is better than BG2)


Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds
Majestic (ok, I’m getting desperate to get more people in this game so they don’t cancel it)
Empire Earth (I haven’t actually played this one)
Startopia (sooo addictive, think Dungeon Keeper in space, only better)

Oh, and Wizardry 8 is in stores today. Rich LaPorte did a short take on it earlier this afternoon. (

Hey, you might find you don’t want to buy anything for a while if you’ll play The Longest Journey. It’s absolutely fabulous. And I think all these games I mentioned are rather long playing, IIRC.

Actually, Zoo Tycoon is rather dull, and I love games like The Sims and RCT. It made me glad I didn’t actually buy it. (Yes, my copy is legal.)

I recently purchased Commandos 2, but alas, I have not been able to get it to go. But if you like Action/Strategy, Commandos is great. The idea is you lead tactical operations during World War 2…

For an FPS, if you’d like something with less senseless violence, try Thief 2.

If you’re into something with atmosphere, I recommend Alice. That game gave me nightmares…

Oh, if you get Half-Life, pick up Opposing Force too! OP4 uses the same engine, but it has so much new stuff it might as well be it’s own game.

Have fun!

I think Deus Ex is the game for you if you enjoy FPSs and RPGs, as it combines the two very well. System Shock 2 is similar, but I feel it’s inferior because it’s more linear (yes, you can mostly complete the objectives in whatever order you like, but there are few alternate ways to complete them) and because it’s overly complicated - there’s a kludgy research system to activate new weapons, you have to do little puzzles to ‘hack’ terminals and unlock doors, you have to constantly maintain your weapons to keep them from breaking down (fire a pistol a hundred times or so and it’s going to fail on you, sometimes quicker), and it has bizarre skill requirements to use certain weapons - i.e. though your character is supposedly trained in the military there is no way a starting character can even try to use a shotgun, even if you chose all the firearms related training you could during character creation. The first System Shock is far better, if you can find a copy and get it to run on a modern computer.

I am very into Civilization 3 right now, you might like it but only if you are willing to devote some time into learning it. Games run very long in it, too, though you can save at any point. SWAT 3 is one of my favorites, I’ve had it since the Elite Edition came out and I’m only now beginning to get a bit tired of it (installed it on my new computer tonight and only played one mission). It manages to get a lot of tactical depth in considering how easy the interface is, and it has the best AI I have seen in a FPS, ever.

So, based on all I read and said here, what could be the worst possible purchase? Well, I did just that…went out and got DAoC. So not only is that money upfront and monthly fees, but it will severely cramp my social time with the wife.

::bangs head against wall::

Oh well, I’m unwrapping it tonite, so let’s see if it’s worth it. Actually I’m pretty excited, it does look cool…

Hey, that’s where I got my screen name from! I love that game.

I guess it’s a little late on the curve now, but I still think that Starcraft is one of the best life-sucking games of all time. It’s harder to get good games on B-net these days, but still possible. Plus you can pick up the Battle Chest (includes the expansion) for under $20.

::cackles maniacally::

We got another one!

Take solace in the fact that if you’re wife throws you in the doghouse over this, you’ll be there in good company.

So what kind of character didya start? Which server? Which realm? Cool, isn’t it?

Geez, I just installed :slight_smile:

Actually, you could answer a basic question, which is what’s the difference between a “normal” and a “roleplaying” server?

Do any of the servers make a difference?

Are there any character/class types/races that are more or less effective.

Ok - that was several basic questions. But any advice for a newbie would be much appreciated…

Well, I’m not a DAoC expert, but I can answer a few questions:

I didn’t realize DAoC had normal and roleplaying servers. This is a WAG, but I’m guessing a “roleplaying” server is meant for those who want to roleplay, ie, stay in character all the time. Surprisingly enough, most people who play these games make no attempt to roleplay. In EQ, you see people chatting about their homework, TV shows, etc. A roleplaying server attempts to limit this kind of stuff.

Servers don’t really make a difference, other than you’re limited to creating characters in the same realm on one server. IE, if you create a character in Hibernia on the Gawaine server, you can’t create a second character in Midgard on the Gawaine server. You have to switch servers to do that. They did this so that you can’t “spy” on the other realms.

Yeah, there’s definitely some classes you should stay away from. Shadowblade is one :-). They don’t seem to have the classes balanced quite yet - EQ is a more mature game, and aside from personal preferences, there’s really no classes that are downright bad. I get the impression that this is not true in DAoC. I’m not sure what classes are good, though. I’ve heard druid, enchanter, and warden are all good choices. This link is a good resource for questions.

I remembered that a few weeks ago my best friend and I put our heads together and came up with a list of what we thought were the best PC games ever made. Make of this what you will. Nothing REALLY new (e.g. Civ 3) is on the list.

  1. Civilization II
  2. TIE Fighter
  3. Total Annihilation
  4. Red Baron
  5. Harpoon II
  6. Half-Life
  7. Rollercoaster Tycoon
  8. EverQuest
  9. Jedi Knight
  10. Master of Orion II
  11. X-Com
  12. Mechwarrior 4
  13. Europa Universalis
  14. Close Combat: Battle of the Bulge
  15. Empire
  16. Railroad Tycoon
  17. Silent Service II
  18. Diablo II
  19. Front Page Sports Football '97
  20. SimCity 3000
  21. Wing Commander I and II
  22. Fallout I and II
  23. Pirates!
  24. Falcon 3.0
  25. NHL '99