What computer games should I get?

I want to know which games are the best!! Please help me out! I want to make a list of the coolest games. Thanks.

Well it all depends on your tastes.

Are you into first person shooters? High action? Fantasy? A “thinking” game? Sim games?

Also, what are you looking to use as a system? X-Box? PC? Game cube?

My personal favorite for the PC is Grand Theft Auto 3, FWIW.

For what system?

PC - I am confident that DOOM3 will be an amazing game. Unreal 2 (The Awakening) is good so far (except for being the first game to successfully show my PC’s inadequacy, and for not being quite as original as the first)

All formats - GTA3 was/is a very good game.

Personal excentricity - Old games like Flashback, Pinball Dreams, Gods. New games are not a patch on those. Sure, new games have amazing graphics, but amazing graphics are just eye-candy. Old games had depth. You could almost love old games, their depth more than made up for their lack of fancy graphics.

Yes PC games.

You are going to the store to buy games? If money and PC spec is no object then buy the following.

Unreal 2, SIm City 4, Unreal Tournament, Need for speed Hot Pursuit 2, Empire Earth, Black & White.

I got bored with ‘the sims’ after about 2 hours of playing (I haven’t played it since) But it must be as popular as it is for a reason. I would reluctantly reccomend you get that too.

Wel that’s why I guess gift cards were created for. lol. Would you reccomend getting any of the expansions of the sims?

Start with Pong and work your way up.

Age of Empires: Build a civilization before the guys across the river come knock it over.

Age of Mythology: Build a civilization before the guys across the river have their Gods knock it over.

Vampire: The Masquerade: Gothic quest game. Cool graphics and music.

American McGee’s Alice: Alice in Wonderland on a bad acid trip.

half life and all the MODs. Age of Empires. Civilization II & III.

My favorite military sims are Seawolf and Jane’s 688(I) Hunter/Killer.

For shooter/strategy games I recommend John Carpenter’s The Thing and Starcraft.

My current playlist (PC):

  • Battlefield 1942 - Axis vs Allies FPS on steroids. pretty much only multiplayer.
  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Another FPS. single and multiplayer
  • Soldier of Fortune 2 - Yet another FPS. single and multiplayer
  • Warcraft 3
  • Neverwinter Nights
  • Morrowind
  • the Fallout series BEST RPG SERIES EVAH!. Currently playing Fallout II
  • Baldurs Gate II
  • Diablo II
    and several others. I have sunk at least a couple of hours into each of these games over the last 2 months…

Also, this weekend I sparked up my NES again and played about 8 hours of Final Fantasy 1.

Holy cow, I have waaay too many video games. Now that I write them all out, it’s no wonder I never finish any of them…

Deus Ex.

My favorites:

  • Age of Empires
  • Age of Mythology
  • Max Payne
  • Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and MOH:Spearhead
  • Mafia

SimCity 4


Deus Ex, definitely. Best interactive storyline in a FPS, and a fun game all around.
Any game by Blizzard is guaranteed to have high production values and be a great game in its genre. Warcraft III and Diablo II are definitely both worth the money, IMHO.
American McGee’s Alice is great twisted fun, I thought, but other folks hated it. Buy it for the graphics and sense of humor.
I wanted to like Vampire: the Masquerade, but the gameplay was soooooo dullllllllllll. Every battle devolved into Dominate: Come here! and then drink the enemy’s blood. Draining their blood took about 30 seconds in which you did nothing but watch their little blood-meter go down. Borrringgg. But the story was cool.
Best storyline in a game? Planescape: Torment.

Really, it depends on what genres you like. What games in the past have you enjoyed?


I love my Sims…

I also really like Black and White and Age of Empires

If you want great multiplayer gaming go get Half-Life, which will have Half-Life Deathmatch and Team Fortress Classic, you can also download Counter-Strike (THE most popular online FPS by far) and you can also download Natural Selection and Day of Defeat. Basically 5-6 awesome games for the price of one.

Team Fortress is my personal favorite, 9 varied classes and league play is very intense and fun.

Other than that maybe Battlefield 1942 for FPS multiplayer action.

Of the games already mentioned, I’m particularly fond of Neverwinter Nights and Diablo II, as well as the whole Final Fantasy series (I even liked VIII).

If you like RPGs, I recommend Arcanum. I love the flexibility in character development and the range of choices available in the plot.

To me, the best CRPG since Ultima IV is Morrowind.
It has it’s faults, but overall is supurb.
Neverwinter nights is also enjoyable, but has to many niggling little details that I feel detract far to much from it.