Computer Geek Question: VBasic-n-Access

  • I have a class assignment where I am supposed to do a program to use an Access database - the Biblio.mdb database that comes standard with VB and Access. I’m supposed to provide the ability to enter new publishers, authors and books. The Publishers and authors are easy enough, but I can’t understand how to enter the new Titles. The Title table must reference a valid entry in the Title-Author table to be accepted, and the Title-Author entry must reference a valid entry in the Title table to be accepted. The textbook says this is the assignment, but makes no mention of how to deal with cross-linked tables like this. How do you enter both at the same time? Is there some way to “suspend” the cross-referencing to get both entered? - MC

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Selecting "Software> Microsoft Office ", I got this link:
Software> Microsoft Office

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