Computer-Generated Hitler/FDR/Stalin?

What the heck did I just see on Voice of America TV?

There was some little show with little snippets of technological marvels. One was of a movie of some sort. The actors were fitted with reference masks, then a computer pasted Hitler’s, Stalin’s Churchill’s or FDR’s face on.

Then to top it off, they fake-aged the film to make it look like WWII stuff; creepy and wierd.

Anyone have any information in this?

It was probably a showcasing of something like this technology (YouTube link) for recreating arbitrary three-dimensional faces from a morphable model standard face; it’s pretty ingenious and impressive to watch. I think I’ve also seen the resulting faces completely animated (I’m not sure if it was precisely the same technology), for instance with motion captured facial movements including lip movement for speech.

Hum, I wonder what sort of project it was I saw in production?