Computer Help Please!

Before I run to the computer repair shop, I thought I would see if anyone here with computer knowledge could give me a hand…

I’m running MS ME on my laptop. I was surfing the web one day and suddenly my Norton Anti-Virus box popped up (unauthorized script) and then started going crazy (flashing on the screen). Eventually I had to shut the machine down. When I turn the computer back on, everything seems normal. As my windows desktop pops up, I get a message that says that “explorer has an error COMIGN.DLL” and will have to close. After that, I cannot get windows to do anything. The message also says “If you continue to have trouble, try restarting your computer” but every time I do so, I get the same message. So basically, because of some error (scumware? virus?) I cannot use my computer at all.

Does anyone have any backdoor tricks for dealing with this, since I cannot navigate through Windows? I’d really appreciate some help. or advice.

Thank you Straight Dope community. help!

Can you start in safe mode?

Starting in safe mode, btw, accomplished by hitting F8 (or possibly another F* key depending on who makes your board), then selecting “Safe Mode” at the prompt.

Well, that would be your first problem.

Hmmm. It would seem to indicate that a file called COMIGN.DLL has an error, which would most likely be caused by that file accidentally being overwritten. If safe mode doesn’t work, you might check whether you have a backup of that file somewhere.

Depending on the problem, you may have some success using System Restore. Just restore your system to how it was before your system went haywire. It doesn’t always work, but again, that depends on the actual problem. It is worth a try.

Good luck.